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    Chao Vritra

      kawaii desuuu


        medusa counters pls, other than nyx and voker

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        Canis Lupus

          @Tsunami pretty much any strong defusal blade carrier...


            avoid pango lul, one of my best mmr gainers


              Октарин и 25 лвл на брюмастере почти 100% вин


                PL gets diffusal will probably scale well against dusa.. she's not that hard to counter..


                  lone druid repick aka first pick/ban in pro games. once again pubs=irrelevant mess


                    3x sunstrike cataclysm = invoker balanced

                    Good News Everyone, I

                      Lone Druid nooooo :(


                        avoid pangolier? LUL he is very strong offlaner... and lone druid is a fine pick... and so is morphling. honestly 50% of this tier lists are bullshit

                        wet popcorn™

                          Can you guys please acknowledge Arc Warden? He was repick two tier lists ago, then jumped to solid, then bank to repick. You never said anything about why and it's kind of unfair to be honest.


                            arc warden isnt that bad too be honest and nullifier is interesting on him plus necro 3 being a nice purge at the moment seems quite sweet.


                              Necro from stomper to Situational BibleThump

                              Trotsky, Lev

                                How is Morphling 44%-47%? 52.44% in 5k+ now. And Centaur is 36.54% in 5k+.

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                                  Puck has 100% pick/ban in high mmr. Also pangolier morph and brood are super op.
                                  You cant make Tierlist just over winrate.

                                  Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                    uninstall dota


                                      Why is IO not in the mentioned hero in the commented section, the hero is so strong specially in late game given a great position and a very reliant aggressive dual laner with that could hinder or even jeopardize enemy at Mid in special

                                      Maleficent Witness

                                        Thank you, Dotabuff, for this excellent content. I'm surprised I don't see it talked about very often at all on Reddit or by the Analysts at events, etc. Seems odd. These articles are clear and concise and enjoyable to read.

                                        Lord Griffith

                                          pretty much i can win 5k games with NP. i Had 8 straight wins as NP in my calibration games, idk why its 44% only, but in the right player, NP stomps early game, rekt other lanes with his global presence and secure long game with his farming capability and push power.

                                          ~ |S| O R R Y ~

                                            i like this

                                            Snappnix #PruneGang

                                              just look at np's lane presence. everythings clear than


                                                skeleton king on the topic pic...


                                                  hey danny

                                                  UNCLE KUSH

                                                    GGWP uninstall I only play Arc Warden, Nature's Prophet, Io, Alchemist Alchemist and Lone Druid

                                                    Patrick Joestar

                                                      Monkey Will Rise Again!!!

                                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                        These rankings are based on overall winrates, if he is achieving a 44-47% WR then for most people he should be avoided. It's not that he can't win, it's that most of the time he doesn't.


                                                          How about people start playing position 5 Abaddon again.

                                                          I miss when he had that sweet 60% winrate; then people tried to make him an offlaner and look where he is now.


                                                            Pudge has no waveclear? Uh....ROT?

                                                            aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                                                              this is pub tier list of course it is based on overall win rate.
                                                              make your own tier list if you can't comprehand.

                                                              Flipside -

                                                                im one of the reason why TA is in "Avoid tier" :( i hate myself

                                                                Ryan Gosling

                                                                  lmaoing at the "premium article"

                                                                  White Rabbit

                                                                    Elder Titan in Winners List. I am not surprised, his lvl 25 talent is ridiculous , his ulti has only 25 sec cd and is highly spamable. Before patch, I never built aghanim on him, now almost always if it comes to late game.


                                                                      avoid monkey king my ass. reached 17 win streak (12 ranked games) from this patch thanks to the level 25 talent (both).

                                                                      Cutie with a booty

                                                                        Winrate is statistically insignificant for determining what is strong in a pub. Just because omniknight is good against a bunch of bad players, doesn't mean it is the strongest hero.

                                                                        Think a little analytically about this. The strong heroes are the ones top MMR players are going to spam the most.
                                                                        That means Pudge, Storm Spirit, Shadow Fiend, Queen of Pain, Tinker, Sand King, Tiny. Those are the top tier heroes ATM. NOT fucking Centaur Warrunner.

                                                                        Jingu Bells

                                                                          @Hermione Granger that's why it's a pub tier list, where only 1% of games are in 5k+ bracket. These are the heroes that do well in your average pub game against similarly average players. Doesn't mean they are necessarily the strongest heroes in all brackets though.

                                                                          Articulatio Atlantooccipital

                                                                            Medusa so good that i once got ganked by 3 people, all of them died. I even once rekt sf in mid and reach lvl 25 before even 27 minutes. She fear no hero. BUT THAT M************ SPIRIT VESSEL REKT ANYBODY. REDUCING REGEN AND DAMAGE BASED ON PERCENTAGE? THAT THING MAKE ALCE PLAYER CRYING WITH JUST 2825 GOLD.

                                                                            Macula Marius

                                                                              in my bracket RN (divine 5) looks like medusa and doom is the stomper, they are so well rounded from early until mid-late game

                                                                              lone dog

                                                                                Good thing lone druid is in the dumpster what kind of loser would find that hero fun.


                                                                                  Weaver is sooo fucking dead since 7.07. I have 467 with him actually and I constantly played him for more than 4 years already and he is now unplayable in comparison to before... it is so sad for me personally :(((

                                                                                  SirGueL ™

                                                                                    Nice article, should do this often every few months. Well played!

                                                                                    Black Capped Chickadee

                                                                                      pango is bad....if that person doesn't know what he is doing or the other team has the spell to break him out of his ultra like pudge hook.


                                                                                        Please buff slark.
                                                                                        Lone Druid is a monster, but bunch of noobs are picking it wince it has stomped the major dreamleague in an incredible fashion. But its not like avg pub player can play and micro the hero properly. Truth be told, the hero needs a nerf on his aghanim's buff.

                                                                                        Medusa mid is certainly the most possible safe pick in any bracket, even if you are having a bad game the hero will tank like hell past lvl 20 anyway and still be relevant.....if you have a good game you will own pretty much any lineup.

                                                                                        Morphling has a trash ultimate (situational, most pro players don't level the ulti until they are forced to, it can produce some awesome "youtube plays" but its very very situational overall), making him quite balanced (because he is quite op for his other spells and talents), he has trash winrate overall and just a "solid" one in (52%) in 5k+, and Elder Titan is also really strong in themeta and is still morph's natural counter.

                                                                                        But pls buff slark, his value has carry is so poor I guess puck gets a low winrate because he is played in lower mmr brackets........because the hero is ridiculously OP, relevant at any part of the game, imba talents, so hard to kill and high dmg output......but requiers good talent with fingers

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                                                                                          farmville doto best doto

                                                                                          Frizbee Alert

                                                                                            Why is the mid lane position so garbage this patch? Zeus is the only midlaner besides maybe brewmaster thats above "solid" and the only reason that is is because he has spells that deal 98765 damage whenever he presses a button