Analyzing 6.88 Top Tier MidlanersBy Skim on
Analyzing 6.88 Top Tier Midlaners

For the longest time now, midlaners have been the stars of Dota. As gankers and playmakers, midlaners have been able to shine the brightest in the game and are often the position to look at when it comes to individual skill. Recently however, midlaners have transitioned more into carries, with more traditional right-clickers dominating the lane.

Are Arc Warden and Underlord ready for CM?By KawaiiSocks on
Are Arc Warden and Underlord ready for CM?

With only two weeks left until the release of the new patch, it might be a good time to start a discussion on the potential changes to the game. It is almost certain right now that apart from the release of the new hero, the changes to the existing ones will be extensive. Some of these changes might include the introduction of Arc Warden and Underlord to the competitive scene.

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Analayzing 6.88 Top Tier SupportsBy Skim on
Analayzing 6.88 Top Tier Supports

6.88 has been celebrated as the most diverse patch yet and after covering the meta’s top offlaners and carries, it is time to give the supports of the game a spot in the limelight.

Northern Arena and The Summit Set The Stage For The Boston MajorBy eggs on
Northern Arena and The Summit Set The Stage For The Boston Major

With two premier tournaments ending, the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational and The Summit 6, pro teams are shaping up for the Boston Major.

Dota Dictionary for BeginnersBy KawaiiSocks on
Dota Dictionary for Beginners

Dota is a complex game with a vast amount of different concepts. In fact, it is complex enough to require its own vocabulary. While most of it is already common knowledge, newer players can struggle with the understanding of the lingo. Moreover, it is also almost never explained during tournament streams.

For newer players, this article might be helpful with jump-starting their process of getting acquainted with the game. For others, it’s a reminder that all of us were new to Dota at some point, and it is no easy task to learn the game. There was a time when none of us had even the slightest idea of what these concepts mean.

Analyzing 6.88 Top Tier CarriesBy Skim on
Analyzing 6.88 Top Tier Carries

Ever since June of this year, 6.88 has been the balance patch of Dota 2. The patch has been celebrated as one of the best in DotA/Dota2’s history under Icefrog. Only a few weeks remain for 6.88, as the Boston Major is supposed to be the last event. Going into the event, it’s worth looking into the carries that have been the most dominant so far and are likely going to continue their run in Boston.

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The Boston Major
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