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    Why tho


      Good article, and it would be nice if you also analyze the bottom-tier heroes as well. e.g., Slark etc


        where Luna?

        dark knight voker poggers

          I've think Lone Druid and gyrocopter should have a place on this post, even as a honorable mention

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            how about le balanced water boi


              Luna unmentioned?


                Nice english


                  morph is the most broken carry on the meta, shame he was only mentioned.


                    Biggest bane of this entire patch is Morphling. And it goes unmentioned? Says something about the quality of these posts...

                    Alien Righteousness

                      A passing mention of Morphling...

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                          Analyzing 7.07 Top Tier AUTISTIC JUNGLERS


                            Morphling anyone? No? Ok...

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                              Bottom line: hevvy farrrrm


                                So far, morp and luna. AM can be dealth with by ending thw game early...

                                Rural Makai City Esoteria

                                  Not talking about Morhpling LUL



                                    no solo supp till crusader

                                      article that's really useful in Herald-Guardian, as everyone is either carry or mid


                                        Luna, Gryo, Morph? lacklustre article.

                                        Vespa Strepsiptera

                                          Lmao. Luna the most pathetic "carry" in dota. Should add Wraith King into this list. He only loses medusa in strong late game after 7.07c. Even Antimage can't deal with him.


                                            And where're morph and luna? Why is am still here?


                                              luna is dead and morph is annoying

                                              morphs lack of using mana for the stat swap gave him an incredible boost in the early game

                                              LP SAMURAI

                                                no morplhing, no luna and no weaver :D GOOD ARTICLE BRUH


                                                  I feel like you guys are missing out on Weaver. He seems like a pretty good pick against Medusa/Razor. And he's awfully popular


                                                    Bane is too popular as a support too. weaver will melt

                                                    Deadlift Daddy

                                                      ET is missing from the list fam

                                                      Mantan devine++

                                                        We Need article top Carry jungler dude, AHAHAHAHAHAAA

                                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                          Could you expand a little on your final comment regarding the sacrifice of the carry? Like, how do you see that effecting the game? More to the point, since someone is still having to play that priority farm position, what do you believe their role is in the team now? We have been seeing a handful of utility carries for a while, do you possibly think that is the direction it will continue to go or do you see a backlash in store?


                                                            it is funny i spammed am in like 6 games and now all I see is that my friends are playing him but when i play ranked my am is banned or picked by the enemy cant enjoy blinking and making fun of the enemy team FeelsBadMan :(

                                                            Burn My Name

                                                              Where's Luna? With her current talents she's supastrong


                                                                No Morphing ? Personally, I think this Patch Morphing is too OP for this Meta.


                                                                  luna man? luna rekts this patch.


                                                                    Biggest nightmare of pub, morph not included in article.



                                                                      why their has not mentioned void?


                                                                        In my opinion Faceless Void is HUGE at the moment, but not as huge as Centaur Warrunner with 3 Hearts ;))))

                                                                        Dota 2 updates are my fetish

                                                                          Where the fuck is wisp? Best carry in dota at the moment.


                                                                            sad to say for morph


                                                                              Morph has been nerfed into the ground, none of you know what you're talking about