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b34 56ev

    чооо я первы


      Death to putin and russian invaders


        most miranas ive encountered in pubs just stay trees and arrow ranged creep but yeah good read!


          Pair mirana/skywrath with sk to dominate

          Slim Shady

            Well, dota will be fun now with the russian thing going on lmao

            It was terrible before having to play with these guys, imagine now


              miC, Russia does not start wars, it ends them


                Russia win TI 10 )))))0


                  odd you didnt put kotl here who is the highest picked 4 in pro level pubs atm

                  fu shit

                    I’ve just read the comments about Russians and I’m shocked
                    wtf are u talking about?
                    you should better discuss good heroes of the pos 4 than talking about the greatest country in the world…


                      Dota is dota! It's not f#cking politics! Wish death to uself, beach!