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    Mostly Chinese teams, then OB.Neon ended up winning the tournament. LOL.
    Remember this is the same OB.Neon that’s 0-3 in the SEA DPC. Hell, even TNC who are 0-4 in the DPC took 1-1 draws against iG.Vitality and Aster.


      Still mostly Chinese teams) Aster had some trouble during the tournament. Afaik, they were stuck outside of country and couldn't make it back in time before the new year and their performance was a direct result of having poor playing conditions.

      IG.Vitality are not a benchmark. IG.Vitality rarely look like a contender for the first place. Solid team and can do great things when ButterflyEffect pops off, but that's about it. He is the CTY of the current generation of players. Amazing laning stage, questionable mid-game decision-making.

      OB.Neon looked dominant and I don't feel either RNG or IG were holding anything back. Palos is probably the scariest carry I've seen in a while and the Chuan mentorship finally starts to pay off for the squad it seems.


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