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    rasta is good


      ye rubick very strong after the buffs

      8:30 Reservations at Dorsia

        BH 4 in the offlane feels deeply oppressive at most lower skill brackets. Boots first jinada and you get to farm the enemy support for gold while denying pulls.

        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

          Ads are now bypassing Adblock on Dotabuff :( sadge

          PETRUS [BNCE]

            Is there gonna be a thread for top offlaners in 7.28a coming?


              I just realized after a game that BH is actually very tanky at lvl1. He got a whopping 7.5 armor which I think is the highest in the game at lvl1, and base hp regen of 1.25, that means 3.25 hp regen at lvl1. Axe by the way only has 2.33 armor at lvl1. Then you look at his high movespeed, it is really extremely difficult to harass him. I like hit him 3 times for each creep he trys to last hit but hardly any dmg seems to be dealt. He is actually very tanky for an invisibility hero and forces the opponent supp to spend gold on sentries. Main problem is he doesnt have any nukes so his team must draft around him.

              Ošklivý ptak

                Kotl is best in most coordinated and least coordinated games. In low MMR classical (no preassigned roles) ranked he is good to make sure you do not lose towers while having jungler in your team.

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                  Omffffg, new meta :)

                  Leader of the Guardians

                    Time to look into the new beast POS 4, OD.


                      Yeah in 7.28b OD is top tier support I think, so much damage and ms for little investment.


                        AA has been carrying me to many wins in crusader I feel like the recent changes with aghs shard being able to cancel blinks and really just destroying bristlebacks and most of the time late game I feel like I can solo kill nearly anyone on the map in a 1v1 feels insanely good rn.

                        LOOK MOM I CAN FLY

                          pick rasta = +pts


                            BH feels amazing now, finally back to his old glory perhaps?