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    Do I happen to claim the prestigious first comment?



      SuperMassive BabyH✿le

        I claim the third spot, sadly.

        The Jungle Walrus

          Happily fourth


            If you gonna buff Riki you might as well rework him. He makes this game super disgusting to play as a support, so for the good of Dota community he better stay irrelevant.

            Drow isnt OP because of her damage, but because she can lose the lane AFK farm jungle and come back with more farm than everyone else. Just remove her ability to instant kill creeps and she is fine.

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              do something about io plz


                I would buff slark but as riki, he snowballs on pubs on every buff he gets


                  buff lone druid

                  Weebs with few screws loose

                    the only rework riki needs to make him viable is changing his lvl 20 talent +0.25 backstab dmg to -0.2 Tricks of Trade interval which will boost his DPS to compensate smaller aoe and higher CD while also removing access to ultra long blinkstrike. Oh, also agha on riki allows trick of trade to hit building

                    Weebs with few screws loose

                      Oh yeah, also change the irrelevant lvl 25 talent of ultra big tricks of trade, and changes it into bonus backstab damage like +0.75 multiplier. This way, riki will need to buy agha to make his ult relevant without basher and gives crazy dps and pushing power

                      Weebs with few screws loose

                        I want changes of meta item too, like buff Basher ranged chance from 10% to 15% so ranged heroes could actually buy basher or there is a combination item of dragon lance + desolator which will open early pushing ranged lineup since dragon lance allow most ranged heroes to outrange tower and desolator allows ultra fast pushing, maybe SF would actually buy it and get the Presence aura affect building talent to push

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                            JUST BUFF MY FUCKIN AXE YOU FOOLISH VALVE!!


                            Weebs with few screws loose

                              Axe is actually OP, especially in Pub, it's just that pro player make Axe unplayable by since their inhuman reaction could mostly negate axe 0.4 cast point with manta or adapt with using item that enhance endurance, also Axe is not a good matchup against TB, Morph, or Drow since TB Morph has way too high armor and Drow damage is negated at close range while ignore armoe at long range making blademail useless


                                Axe is actually OP, especially in Pub, it's just that pro player make Axe unplayable by since their inhuman reaction could mostly negate axe 0.4 cast point with manta or adapt with using item that enhance endurance, also Axe is not a good matchup against TB, Morph, or Drow since TB Morph has way too high armor and Drow damage is negated at close range while ignore armoe at long range making blademail useless

                                Then why he had 47% winrate in all brackets while he also get picked 1 time in tournament with 0% winrate, and you said he was op? Im using fact and you are using opinion, thats huge difference dude

                                He has zero armor, zero escape, weak presence, stupid shit ulti and most of all, how do you survive lane in this meta? There’s ton of heroes which counter him, Mk, ursa, drow, viper, necro, razor, jug, etc. How the fuck you survived that?!


                                  I would greatly appreciate it if Valve decided to revisit Zeus. The hero finally became relevant for once with the reworked aghs when the Nimbus' bolt interval still was influenced by cooldown reduction. Ever since that was removed, the hero has once again become rather obsolete due to changes to meta and the lack of utility he provides. The change to Static Field helped in some cases and hurt in others. Usually you're trying to burst lower hp pool heroes with your spells in fights which means it likely won't have the same affect in larger ones, but it does allow for ganks against bulky targets to be more likely in his favor.


                                    I prefer axe and tinker stay in dumpster. Kthxbye


                                      For the shake of fun games don't fucking buff cancer tinker, same reason cancer techies needs to stay low. Thanks.
                                      To buff tinker first start thinking first about nerfing machines so they break against your own buildings so already won games are not delayed by 20 minutes because of tinkers spaming machines.

                                      ANTI ANTI-MAGE

                                        give the player with the least networth in the team a 100% bounty rune gold bonus.
                                        #supportlivesmatter #pos6meta

                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                          I'm definitely on board with the last wish, but I'd like to continue the concept just a bit by having the average cooldown and regen of the game nerfed. The game is explosive, sure, but it means that plays have less impact on the overall game. I don't need to see it be soccer goal level impact for each kill like in the days of TI2 and TI3, but right now there are just too many kills and too little tension. Make committing mana risky again. Make positioning just a little more risky. I guess maybe make people just a little tankier to encourage a little more placidity?


                                            Heroes that need a buff :
                                            - Puck : really fun to play but really weak right now
                                            - Rubbick : make him a little more viable during the laning phase. before 6 he's useless
                                            - Death Prophet : too hard to farm, needs a damage buff or something like this


                                              fuck death prophet, most boring hero after viper

                                              Ella Corazon

                                                Buff slark again and timber

                                                tatakae mode

                                                  up lancer BLESSRNG

                                                  gaben i want big tiddy naga

                                                    Death prophet is weak overall give her a serious buff


                                                      "We can’t stress it enough—2x, 3x or even 4x crits with a 40% proc chance are not alright. "

                                                      AND she's ranged. AND she has an attack speed steroid (with additional global utility, and that scales up as you gain agility which also increases your AS). AND she one shots ancients.

                                                      I know you can't judge a hero in a vacuum, but for just two skills that's pretty wild.


                                                        I agree that puck and timber need buffs. If tinker or riki get buffs it’s gonna ruin pubs. Riki already kind of ruin pubs but not all the time.


                                                          It's so stupid that drow istn nerf in a small patch beewtwen tournaments. Just lower some % and see what happens. But valve always do a big update and make some other hero overpowered....


                                                            didnt Valve said that they will make more small patches than big ones? ...


                                                              Lets wait.


                                                                delete techies

                                                                Ella Corazon

                                                                  Buff some unpicked heroes at previous major?

                                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                    last year Valve worked on a biweekly schedule leading up to the International. A lot of pros were having difficulty working with it because it gave too little time to prepare a proper strategy. It may have aided in the OG victory as a volatile meta leads to an increased potency of luck. Players also didn't like it because they either regressed to comfort picks while they figured out the new patch or stumbled on a new strat that everyone ended up copying as they didn't have time to figure anything else out.


                                                                      Here's my list of the heroes who need to be buffed for the next patch and who deserve better: Luna, Batrider, Broodmother, Naga Siren, Shadow Shaman, Lina, Omniknight, Lycan, Gyrocopter, Vengeful Spirit, Outworld Devourer, Bane, Huskar, Dark Willow, Dark Seer, Meepo, Grimstroke, Abaddon, Venomancer. And here is the list of heroes who need to be nerfed for the next patch and who deserve worse: Troll Warlord, Underlord, Terrorblade, Phantom Assassin, Lifestealer, Night Stalker, Viper, Skywrath Mage, Zeus, Storm Spirit, Juggernaut, Faceless Void, Riki, Drow Ranger


                                                                        delete sniper from dota....

                                                                        paNightmare mirror

                                                                          Go **** yourself author with ideas about Riki buff. I am rarely reading those articals, but this one is too awful.

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                                                                              Riki sucks, don't buff him


                                                                                if they, buff tinker and riki and nerfed drow
                                                                                i will, tuckibg leave game

                                                                                Princess of Austria-Hungary

                                                                                  Would rather tinker and riki stay in the toilet to be honest. They should keep nuisance heros out of the meta and make the game fun to play by buffing heros which take skill to execute and arent boring to play against.


                                                                                    I personally hate playing against Riki primarily for the smokescreen. Most of my comfort picks rely heavily on either high mobility through the use of spells, or need to garantee that their attacks are landing and aren't subject to missing or evasion. For a hero that can influence both of those with a single spell while also offering a slow, it's rather annoying that I'm forced to go with a force staff as a mobility item just about whenever I play against him.

                                                                                    I believe a lot of what makes the hero lackluster is how the utility of his spells aren't spread out too well. All your damage stems from two abilities, and your entire utility toolkit is on another. If there were a way to incorporate a better mix between the three, I think the hero would somewhat have a more clear identity as a scaling utility core throughout the entirety of the game instead of commiting to one or the other early on.

                                                                                    I feel that a lot of the offline meta has just been tanks and bruisers for quite some time as well. It would be nice to have some more variety with heroes that make use of strong escapes instead exclusively meat shields make a return.


                                                                                      BuFf MeDuSa To ReTuRaN hEr PoWeRfUl SwTcHiNg SpLiT sHoT aNd GiVe HeR 99999 mAnA pOiNtS! I dont really know why people want to buffs slark, techies, tinker... Lion? (why didnt you write about lion? The biggest mistake is giving him stackable ulti (slark too, but stilling agillity is propbly worse than ult lion)). Even Drow is counterable lel...


                                                                                        @MM.Ugh Brock Hall
                                                                                        I understand more now, thanks

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                                                                                          idc visage buff k


                                                                                            AXE and MEDUSA surely needs some buff, plz note this Gaben. tough for AXE to survive laning stage now-a-days, atleast increase his armour so that he can trade some hp in the lane. MEDUSA is not very effective till the mid game as always, though she can be made useful with playstyle and making mask of madness early on.


                                                                                              BUFF CHEN
                                                                                              <45% winrate in all bracket what kind of idiot design this hero? You dumb it down and dumb it is now. Let microing be rewarding again, I’m sick of relying on rng to find ghost or harpy lvl 1. Fffffffff*ck


                                                                                                nerf drow , she is absolutely op when she came to free hit , and also nerf arc warden , his ult and skill 2 cooldowns are so fast , it makes any team that have him on their draft had advantages when defending. and we need to buff od

                                                                                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                                                  No prob


                                                                                                    Visage needs a buff, bring the damage back to the birds, or just give him more strength stats. Anything would be nice. Nobody ever plays him.

                                                                                                    cat 英語

                                                                                                      "buff tinker and riki" -satan

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