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    Holy fuck im first !!!!!!1!1111

    feeder reporter

      2nd! wow.

      d e l i r i u m



          Where the hell is Arc Warden on this list?

          Are you going to ignore him?
          He needs a whole article about his weak stats and how flux and wraith don't do anything in teamfights.
          His stats are also terrible and he lost 66% of his 9 games at Kiev.




     14 heroes were ignored not 9 :/ Can you edit it please?


                5th!!! Feels good


                  Make it 8th.


                    Chen :(


                      @Se vende Drow, BS, Zues and Huskar were all banned even if they were never played in Kiev which means some teams thought they were at least situationally a big enough threat to ban them rather than a more meta pick.

                      Digital Dummy

                        Necrophos :(

                        DC† | MartinDeth👌

                          Gyro was played as a support for a bit i think 1.5-2 years ago and instantly had nerfs to mana costs and int growth and that died. A few tweeks in that department and he could be a good support that's really fun to play.

                          ДОЧЬ СЛЕСАРЯ

                            перевода не будет по дефу?


                              "Shadow Demon didn’t deserve this." lol?

                              The heroes who received nerf due to him didn't deserved this, shadow demon did diserve it


                                arc warden needs some attention


                                  Sniffy sniff sniff

                                  Kevin Levrone

                                    Bring back mirana pls! My favorite hero since dota 1, now she is so shiet


                                      I'm so glad that Arc Warden's performance at the Kiev Major was terrible, now he should receive the buffs he needs


                                        underlord could even be played

                                        interdimentional turd

                                          Wait when was Juggernaut ever an under-the-radar pick? What did I miss? Was that before 6.80/6.81? Cause that's around the time I started playing, and I don't remember him ever being considered a bad pick

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                                            I'd like to add Oracle was almost ignored. The -6 to his base damage and increase in mana cost to his E nearly nerfed him out of the game.


                                              @Sakata Gintoki you are right, arc needs some MASS REWORK and they seems to ignores him, another one is Leshrac, who from the intro of the octarine and the subsequent Nerf never ever shinned again. and thats like 2 or 3 years ago.


                                                Is that Snith guy even human? Like who loves Chen "that" much?!

                                                James Bond

                                                  Guys please. Igonred means they all was not banned /picked on kiev major.

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                                                    Chen used to be played a lot in the pro scene. He was one of the top support picks for a while

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                                                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                      this entire cycle of buff the 'weak meta' heroes then nerf them when they get too big only to buff them again when they become unplayable is honestly getting pretty boring for me

                                                      it's either valve and icefrog dont really know when and where a hero is exactly balanced or they purposely do this so that the game remains 'interesting' according to some people...but is all this back and forth bull shit really interesting?

                                                      i think the game has become too big and has too many variables that quite frankly valve and icefrog are just not competent enough to devise a solution...patches and metas shouldn't have gaps of 1-2 months ffs

                                                      if this is what valve needs to do to keep the game 'fresh' then its pretty sad

                                                      Chaos Reaper (Solar Wings)

                                                        Someone said arc has weak stats and that his spells have no impact on team fight. If you ask me...his spells take ganking a single person to the next level and in teamfights he would be a right clicker with his double manta army

                                                        MM.Brock Hall

                                                          I feel like many of the heroes on this list were recently given rather impressive aghs upgrades, only to have those upgrades nerfed to nothing. It sems like Valve got a great idea to improve heroes with aghs, then scrapped the idea in favor of talents. Problem is that the upgrades are still in the game, festering.

                                                          I think @Just Get Out Of My Way is completely wrong that the game is (or needs to be) concentrating on being 'fresh' but I DO think that something can be said to the fact that the game is in need of a little manicuring. Jungle, items, aghs upgrades, two or less button heroes, all need TLC or need to be pruned. It's not as dire as I make it sound as things do come in and out, but it does feel like some things that used to be answers to problems are just unnecessary anymore.

                                                          Selana Gomez

                                                            Why did OP ignore Techies???


                                                              Hahaha, well done!

                                                              Hello I'm Snith, playing my 202143th game on Chen. Even though it's the only hero I play I still suck at it. As a compensation for my lack of skill I am going to buy all support items and gank mid at lvl 2 and fail. Thanks for listening
                                                              Brought to you by SteelSeries™


                                                                Techies in CM when OSfrog?


                                                                  Why Alfredo Ignored In Kiev :'(


                                                                  John Cons†antine

                                                                    hope all russians die as well.


                                                                      I just played a support gyro today, so never count him out of the meta

                                                                      eggs I think you should have also given mention to the heroes who were only banned, never picked, or heroes with only one pick to their name, etc. BS is on the same boat as necrophos, only difference being that he was "contested" in Kiev by being banned(which was purely a counter-pick ban agaisnt a Slark)


                                                                        No comment for techies? I'd say he's an interesting hero to discuss for high tier.


                                                                          Didn't deserve it:
                                                                          Shadow Demon - the man is literally one of the least-played heroes in the game. By taking away his biggest strength, they made him even more unviable.
                                                                          AA - Seriously, what can AA do now, that's worth picking him for?
                                                                          Underlord - Was ex-MK. Looked like a promising core, got nerfed into the support position, got further nerfed into irrelevancy. MK is currently at the 2nd stage. Will he follow underlord soon?
                                                                          Totally deserved it:
                                                                          LD and Mirana - they were becoming true cancers at the height of their powers. Too easy to snowball, hard to stop once they get going. I'll concede LD may have had it worse since he was never near Mirana's level of popularity, but an extremely fast, hard-hitting Sniper clone with a built-in root, disjoint, and sieging ability really makes for an unbalanced hero.

                                                                          MM.Brock Hall


                                                                            On SD and AA:

                                                                            All of this I agree with. Illusion game was strong during Kiev groupstage as Secret showed, but it was largely forgotten in the playoffs which likely means it's only strong when unexpected. SD was picked up for his strong illusion siege (which basically made anyone into a cancer lancer) but it seems like it's a skill that is hard to balance because of how fundamentally game changing it can be.

                                                                            It's always hard to balance a skill that is contingent on the power of another hero (see DS wall, fatal bonds, or OD ult) so if we see a resurgance on SD it will come in the form of buffs to the rest of his skillset resulting in a better rounded overall package. I would see that as a good thing though, because it's frustrating when a hero is only ever picked for a single skill it has rather than the overall utility of the hero (Tide and AA hold that spot right now, Doom and Treant have in the past).

                                                                            On Mirana:

                                                                            Mirana is such a flexible hero and you can pick her for so many different reasons, which is awesome, but it's overboard because she can be fantastic at multiple things at the same time rather than picking one area and doing well at it (like Nature's). The hero has the potential to have one of, if not the highest agilities in the game but she is played like a caster. If starstorm did physical damage you could bring back the original aghs numbers maybe? She'd feel more powerful and easier to counter.

                                                                            On LD:

                                                                            Totally agree. It was a case of a hero surprising us all with an unorthodox build that didn't match his skills. You could build him like you would Sniper because his skills didn't need any bolstering, making him feel more like two heroes in one (see Mirana, blademail qop, caster ember). He will be back when the map favors split pushers again (which will be when they finally acknowledge shrines are the new cancer).

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                                                                              how do you ignore techies if you could not pick him in the first place. dumb.


                                                                                I play a lot of chen and I still suck ass too (look at my chen win rate lul). Maybe not enough chen


                                                                                  Ужаснейший перевод!


                                                                                    Where the hell is Arc Warden on this list?
                                                                                    Are you going to ignore him?
                                                                                    He needs a whole article about his weak stats and how flux and wraith don't do anything in teamfights.
                                                                                    His stats are also terrible and he lost 66% of his 9 games at Kiev.


                                                                                      I mean if Gyros ult did more than like 10 damage...


                                                                                        I never thought shadow demon would ever go ignored in pro scene. His saving + mkb piercing skills are game-changing factor but...

                                                                                        Клевый бульк

                                                                                          I still do not understand how teams haven't worked out a tactic to incorporate Necro. The hero is beyond broken in any tier right now, with great laning, sustain and snowball potential. Essentially, with the team coordination of a pro team, they can shut down any enemy core early-mid game, as they only need to deal 50-60% damage for the kill and have your offlane necro snowballing into multiple utility items

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                                                                                            Why so many people cry about Arc Warden in any thread?
                                                                                            It's not a hero, he doesn't have any elegant idea or gameplay behind him, just jumping around midas "bug" usage.
                                                                                            Should be completely reworked not buffed.