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3-11 lina carry

    dotabuff can predict medal on new accounts now ?? check my account no ranked games mostly turbo but medal divine 5!

    Tom Hanx

      That's nice


        You went to immo from d5 rofl tf is wrong with dotabuff I mean you bearly played normal matches and your win rate is 50 xaxaxa


          @libarty , i know you haha
          i played with you my indian friend
          im the one you asked pudge wars story haha


            @ven yah bruh I remember you xD

            3-11 lina carry

              my winrate is 60% 148 total games btw playing turbo games only lol !

              3-11 lina carry

                and i have calibrated 6k accounts before ...


                  Actually I came from dota1 so I don't know how this actually works I mean I have read somewhere that turbo doesn't give you any status so how come your medel is changing I mean it's very confusing isn't it?


                    @3-11 lina carry

                    how did you get initial immortal skill group queue?

                    3-11 lina carry

                      libarty bro turbo games count you can play turbo games too !

                      3-11 lina carry

                        Venthrazer, i dont know buddy i guess they judge gameplay

                        sad enjoyer

                          update if u got rank medal

                          3-11 lina carry

                            i dont know when i will calibrate my rank i hate to play this game


                              lol cool