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General Discussionnature's prophet died 250 times

nature's prophet died 250 times in General Discussion
♕彡chen abuzer彡♕ 666 no brain

    it was my teammate probably new record dota

    tetris player

      Match id?




          lol wtf


            whos account is it?


              Who's girlfriend is going to have sex with him to make him feel better so they don't grief any more games?

              pub mentality

                Why objectify women?


                  GIVE MID OR PICK NP FEED ;) CYKA


                    and still won lmao

                    меня родили придурком

                      Xd, i know why, there is group in one russian social network called "VK". It posted a contest, you need to make a die record in a single game and you will get 3 arcanas.

                      Abyssal D2

                        This is the guy from Jenkins's herald review. He dies 250 times because he "betted" he could pull that off. lmao