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HexyRose :X

    in this topic, pls talk about the mistakes you used to do. and tell how you managed it.

    I want higher mmr ppl talk about it so some ppl who stuck in lower brackets and do those mistakes, figure it out.


      Play dota 2. Solution, stop playing


        Stop Jungling and push. Don't TP when your team is pushing HG and you want to catch that hero solo pushing. Get a sentry ward when you play pos 5 and block the camp. Stack for your team.

        AD.GokU™ |

          Play pos 5 as a pos 5. Warding + support items have better chance of winning than trying to play the p5 as core. Also, don't let emotions/ego cloud your decisions/gameplay, if you really want to climb mmr.
          Also, P5 can't win games by themselves, your job is to give your cores the best scenarios possible to win the game.


            P5 can actually win games.


              Stop jungling let's push!

              Gaben`s Agent №429

                agressive gameplays might be risky but rewarding. So dont be shy and do not hesitate if you see oppurtunity to initiate as pos3,4 or 5. Also let ur team know what ur doing, people tilting and stop talking with their team have lower chances to win than others whose communicating before actions.

                Also, belive in yourself, people who are being controlled by their teammates about their actions probably have weak gameplay and lower self-esteem . If your sure about ur game knowledge , take responsibility and control your team, in my opinion its more healthy if pos3,4 and 5's have to control in the game. Do not let pos 1 or 2 try to control the game, because they might not be such aware about the game as you, because of farming etc.



                  dying , ,

                  pinoy supp0rt

                    Goku's main mistake was being born

                    AD.GokU™ |

                      @Life, I prefer consistency over miracles.
                      In your average game, just ensuring that your core survives improves your winning chances drastically, than going full core CM cause your core doesn't play according to you.

                      @pinoy, You just love chasing me everywhere don't you. So fucking easy, getting inside the heads of low IQ monkey xD

                      pinoy supp0rt

                        Don't worry hexy I won't let that filthy bastard turn your learning thread toxic


                          @Goku i’m sorry but I don’t comprehend your logic. If you truly believe that a pos 5 can’t influence a game enough to win it than you need to seriously reassess what you know about dota.

                          AD.GokU™ |

                            ^^I think you are misunderstanding.

                            TL;DR What I meant in my first comment is: a support's role is to make a stage for their cores where they have the highest advantage. Which implies, the better you play as support, the easier the game is for cores, ergo, higher chances at winning.

                            Long version:
                            How do you get

                            Pos 5 can't influence a game enough to win



                            P5 can't win games by themselves, your job is to give your cores the best scenarios possible to win the game.


                            just ensuring that your core survives improves your winning chances drastically, than going full core CM

                            I am referring to players that pick pos 5 but play it like a pos 2 or 3, and then they are at a awkward spot where their hero is too weak for being a pos 2,3 but also has no items to play pos5, and essentially is just a walking bounty for enemy team.

                            I used to do that, i.e ex. rushing euls/atos on AA, cause I wanted to ensure a stun on the enemy, but then at 20 mins, I had nothing on me to save my cores and that euls/atos usage was more or less pointless.

                            I then changed to making proper items(glimmer/force/meka) and playing my role(staying back, saving cores, warding, dewarding, etc), and I noticed that the more my cores survived the easier the game got for me to do my shenanigans. Needless to say, easiest 1k mmr climb from 3k to 4k.

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                              Totally agree whit goku, there is a reason they are called "roles", that's how you play Dota. Also ofc you have to adapt, if you are playng Pos 4 and your offlaner is having a real bad game its up to you to farm and have more impact in the game.

                              The map don't give enough farm for all this mean playng Pos 5 oriented core is a fail by definition.

                              I'm a used Pos 5 player and I can easy say that you make more damage playng well your role than doing wierd builds.

                              The advantage from vision, extra stacked camps, lane control, harass, well timed teleports is so big in the early stages of the game...


                                Archon wisdom at its finest.


                                  i agree with @boyer. Mainly the game is dictated by pos 3,4,5 players since they can be the most aggressive players while people who play mid (unless they're initiators too heroes like puck, batrider, void spirit) usually safe lane players have wrong read the map at least the low mmr players unless they're dominating the game.


                                    ^ Thank you.


                                      Playing pos 4-5 all the time can climb MMR, mistake were made. In the end, you know you're always better than the carry that you're currently supporting xD.

                                      Second is Inconsistency, in my opinion at lower bracket the most important thing is you want your game to be consistent at all time. There's no sure way to improve in this game, some people can be good by just playing, others have to watch tutorial video over different topic to grasp a deep understanding of the game. Keep practising and try different things. Also, by the way this game is not balanced.

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                                        Try spamming a few heroes that are appropriate for your style of play.

                                        frozen cum lube

                                          -playing the game for years without focusing or mastering even a tiny hero pool (fixed that a year ago)
                                          -picking support in normal skill because I was the nice guy (still do that but mostly for token)
                                          -queuing after being tilted (I just go gustom games)

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                                            My mistake was about i turn off all chat and mic to avoid toxicity 🤐