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General DiscussionI've had enough, who do I contact to request perma ban until year 2100?

I've had enough, who do I contact to request perma ban until year 2100? in General Discussion
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    I've thrown all the energy, time, and resources to go passed 7500 behavior score and play with teammates who help each other and rotate to fights, and failed. I've had enough, and don't want anything to do with dota 2 or its community.

    I want the developers to never allow me to play on any steam account if i try and install it again.

    I'm really serious about this.

    Steam support? Or what?

    I want to be self excluded like on online gambling sites, you send them an email requesting a permanent ban.

    Ideally I want someone in charge to ban my personal information related to DOTA 2 until year 2100.


      shut up man child

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        Thanks for another reason to separate myself from this scene.

        Again, does anybody happen to know who I email or where I goto to permanently ban my DOTA 2 account under my personal information? (phone and name)

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          Triggered guardian

          Brad Bowyer

            Want to permaban ownself? Just uninstall lol.


              Stop it Get some help

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                @Life must feel good to get to play with people who have brain cells, doesn't it? do you play with McLovin, Frieza, or any of the other afk farming retards that I'm going in circles with? I'm in contact with steam support to see if it can be done.

                I averaged 78 CS 5 years ago and had 2k mmr, now im 1 mmr with an average of 222 cs on all roles and my top 5 heroes. But my teammates just keep farming camps spread out and never rotate to a tower and keep initiating fights one by one.

                pinoy supp0rt

                  Oh an addict! Can't control your urge to play dota?

                  There's many way to perma ban yourself, for e.g you use hammer crush both own hands so it is physically impossible to play


                    If you want to get permabanned, is it not faster to download cheat engine and just start using godmode in ranked games than to contact support lol?

                    As a matter of fact i think if cheat engine is running and you launch dota it will probably already ban you i assume so... yea just do that


                      The ape is still queuing playing void in Jungle xD

                      I am Groot

                        about the gameplay, you really need help by some better ranked players
                        about addiction, well u can have a job or something else which will limit your time so you will ply less automatically


                          Dude still playing after this what a mad lad


                            Its called addiction.

                            Brad Bowyer

                              If you just spam Jakiro, build atos, shard and agh, then flash farm immediately after every teamfight, it is very easy to climb. You had 377 average gpm which is quite horrible, even though you have 50% core role, even supp players like me have higher avg gpm than you. Many people your rank suffer the same thing of not bringing out enough clarities, letting camps rot, and not dishing out sufficient harass n denies in the laning stage. Cores ought to stack camps a lot more often, even in the late game for their supps to have some farm, which almost everyone doesnt do.

                              It is like if you are core, you are expected to help supps ward places they cant reach and if you are supp, you are expected to push places your cores cant reach, so ez.


                                Im better than this guy but have less winrate

                                A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                  damn some people in this game minus iq for every game that they play


                                    ^ Threw a great poke ball. Did I catch you ?


                                      destroy ur pc bro


                                        take a vacation of around 15-20 days, maybe it will help I hope)


                                          replace dota with cocaine it's more healthy for u


                                            I recommend getting into therapy


                                              Have a reply !


                                                green screen, nice


                                                  But before you do that gift me some of your item dude....


                                                    get boosted by russians its how i got my account banned KEKW no joke got 30 year ban


                                                      ONE OF US!

                                                      nobody knew

                                                        Beautiful mistakes I make inside my head
                                                        She's naked in my bed
                                                        And now we lie awake, making beautiful mistakes


                                                          Man, i got 10k behaviour score and still got toxic teammate. Chill, dood.


                                                            dude you can't expect a gaming community to not have toxic teammates or bad players its a online game which means you get random people to play with you can't feel bad for that man if youre losing games you got to change your playstyle study the game learn the meta its easy to just flame and blame others not saying that others can't be shit sometimes cause they can if youre playing dota you have that feeling we all do but there is a way out find that way and focus on it you will get better