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New ACC, Need tips about MMR in General Discussion

    Hello guys, please look into my acc.
    Can you guys predict what MMR i should be expecting when i complete my 100hrs on this account
    and i also need your suggestions for better mmr

    Thanks in advance.

    Where is my Hu Tao

      No one cares about your legend 1 account

      die young.

        3k mmr


          new account, predict my mmr and from SEA. what a surprise


            sadly just abandoned a game, why heck you guys so rude


              You still suck. If you can't maintain normal stats and win you don't deserve to gain mmr


                @bambooni what do you mean by normal stats?

                Where is my Hu Tao

                  when you post such dumb stuff and expect people not to be rude? You literally have a kick me sign on your back what do you expect people to do with it?


                    only person in world deserves his mmr gaining is bambooni the great.
                    looooook, he has 50.7% winrate. he gain 0.4 mmr per game he plays.
                    PRO DOTA 2


                      Kda and winrate. See how many times u died and see your winrate. I suck as well at least i dont swallow


                        did you check my profile ? i have win rate of 50% with 3.3KDA is that good ?


                          @kowareta. do you have any suggestion for me


                            bash your head to the wall if u cant manage to be 5k on SEA dog server
                            literally nobody ev en buys headdress or buckler on your region. so fucking sad actually. pos 4 hiding on trees for whole laning instead of trading , pulling or stop them from pulling. literally every body plays like he is a fat useless fuck pudge for real doesnt matter what.

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                              I play pos 4, and i'm doing everything you just said. can you look at my profile ? should i expect some good rank this time ?


                                i dont see any headdress or buckler buddy, you are crusader at max. but sadly u can even be divine on your region if u just stick to one fucking account and play the game like a normal human being.


                                  I predict that you’ll get 9k mmr on calib
                                  Beri guds keep it up!


                                    If u maintain 60 percent winrate with good kda may be u will get ancient 5
                                    As of now my prediction is legend 5

                                    watchu gonna do sir?

                                      10k mmr bro


                                        @Kabir thanks that's some good prediction.


                                          I would say Legend 5-Ancient 1, but is it important ? Why dont you just calibrate and see by yourself instead of making thread about it ?

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                                            How do you have 50% wr on a fresh account, i won 30 games on my new account before losing 1, literally just dont be a møngoloid and you shouldnt lose more than 20 games in your 100 first

                                            My prediction is that you will find some gay way to cheese the calibration system into thinking youre ancient 1(AT MAX) and then you start losing until youre archon because thats where you belong and cant win a game at 3.7k mmr


                                              @1v9 or loss i dare you to go make a new acc win 30 before you lose 1 and that too at very high skill bracket. everyone here on this forum is bit**h

                                              and one thing i would like everyone to know why i make this thread because i'm new to dota 2 on steam, i used to play dota 1 a lot, i also have played dota 2 on LAN games, but never online before.


                                                I don't even know what mmr i belong, but my friends who i used to play with at LAN are divine or immortals. some of them are ancients


                                                  So funny how Kowareta goes around from thread to thread, delivering justice xD hahahahahah this guy is so sad. Keep it up, Dexter.

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