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Underlord up to 56% winrate after buff in General Discussion
Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

    This hero is definitely getting nerfed after TI unless pros don’t pick him in which case he will get another buff.

    There hasn’t been a sleeper hero this strong since old Omniknight.

    Despite this he is still not that highly picked (though has ticked up to 4% pick rate today).

    Spam him in pubs for easy MMR while you can.

    I’ve played him in a few ranked games while I calibrate and have won most of the ones I have played. I think I will play him only for the rest of my solo games.

    Also make monkey king or ursa a ban if you do play him.


      the hero is so braindead who even cares about him other than pros? Literally the most boring hero in dota 2


        This hero doesnt need buff. All they had to do was change his ulti, and done


          Agreed for his ulti, it could be better

          pistigyawa ka

            Underlord only has 51% wr in immortal compared to archon with 57% lol. maybe because hero is ez tank, gets the job done and doesn't need any sort of mastery of skill but in immortal he doesn't bring much to the table. he's just a good hero overall that can fit in any lineup

            Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

              Now he is both being picked and winning in ancient+ ranks - so he is good.

              The atrophy bonus damage buff apparently seems to be the better winrate talent so should probably go with that.

              It does mean a 5 man team win = 60 damage.

              And since you usually end up with 20-30 kills and assists across a normal game, let’s say 2/3 of them happen after he gets level 15 that means about 300 permanent bonus damage now, hits pretty hard by himself in the late game.

              I will have to check but might make vlads an early game pick up to replace soul ring if the damage aura applies to the permanent bonus damage on him too.

              Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day


                Not the best KDA because I wasn't really racking up any kills and got ganked a bit early game but I did all the right things to help the team. Also note this was like a divine 1 or ancient 7 skill game so its not like he doesn't work in high skill tiers either.

                I did like the Vlads pick up for the extra damage - it really helps with some of the right clicking cores, particularly when you are trying to hit buildings.


                  Friendship ended with bloodseeker, now underlord is my best friend

                  Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                    He’s up to 89th in popularity when he was like 99th a month ago. People are waking up to how OP he is.

                    Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day


                      Don't first pick or you get counter picked by douchebag ursa fuckers.


                        Nicee. Gotta give a try him today.
                        He should be played as pos 3 or 4 ?


                          i had an UL in my team twice this week, both timey they chainfeeded in lane and ended 0-15 / 0-11 and they all rush radiance


                            He is not OP, he is just extremely easy to use. Good skill cores can easily demolish an underlord by picking Lifestealer, Juggernaut, Ursa, Monkey King etc.

                            Same as wraith king and windranger, their win rates are inflated by all the guardians and heralds winning with them after only playing them for a few games. Easy to learn and you do not need to master the hero to win games.


                              I've always felt that all they had to do to make Underlord top pick material was buff his terrible level 15 talents. Well, they not only buffed one of them, but also replaced the more useless of the two with a significantly better talent (the previous talent was definitely one of the most useless in the game, only providing a hypothetical maximum of +75 damage for 45 seconds). The only other hero in the game with a worse set of level 15 talents is Razor, just watch what happens if they give him a replace his garbage level 15 talents with something not as garbage.

                              Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                                And another buff again (very good since pit of malice is skilled last).

                                Going to be spamming ranked for easy wins. Can’t remember a hero with such a high pub winrate who keeps getting buffed over and over.

                                Also love the obligatory blood rite cooldown “buff”.

                                4 years since he destroyed Bloodseeker and he is still “buffing” the least important skill on him with the exact same useless change.

                                Like switch it so it’s only a 1 second delay rather than 3 seconds so you are actually mostly guaranteed to hit people and it might actually be a good spell. Otherwise it is and continues to be nothing but a meme “buff” while thirst is stuck with this retarded 75-25 scaling.

                                Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                                  Like when I was spamming bloodseeker to a 70% winrate bloodrite’s cooldown was 29/26/23/20, now it’s a flat 12/12/12/12. And he is way worse.