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Days Gone

    Hey. I'm 20 years old Dota 2 player. I'm looking for free Shadow Fiend coaching.

    I have about 300 games on this hero and my winrate is still like 48%. I like this hero really much, so i won't use any other hero to play mid.
    As it is never getting banned in ranked pre-pick banning stage, pretty much unpicked at 3k, so players don't know how much damage he does.
    Usually, i start my games as SF like 4-0 mid, but then i probably doing something wrong so i lose. Need to fix this, but i don't know how. Send help.

    Also, my MMR is 2800.Thank you



      You can add me on steam, I can give you some tips. Used to be top 100 SF at dotabuff for quite a long time.
      Didn't play for a long time coz work and shit so I am quite rusty at dota in general since now im barely around 4k, used to be higher, but i believe i can give you some good pointers considering you are around 3k.

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        I added you