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Devil's Footprints

    Which one do you use and why?

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    Venom of the Red Lotus

      Edge pan


        use both


          Edge pan because my mouse middle button is very stiff.
          Heard that camera grip is superior because it's more efficient in movement.


            edge pan + uhjk.

            I think camera grip is superior because you can keep ur cursor in the centre (or close to centre) but if you edge pan and there's a fight or something and ur cursor is off to the side u can misclick or not click in time because of it.

            but habits are hard to break and I've been using edge pan since I was playing aoe2 as a kid.


              if you wanna practice camera grip u should play some custom games on dota like roshpit or something and disable your edge pan
              its rly convinent after u get use to it,seems like needed in high action stuff or when you want to move somewhere quick

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              Pale Mannie

                WASD is the thinking mans camera movement


                  I use both, depending on how far I need to move. Camera grip most of the time though.

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                    Imagine not using the superior WASD in 2019 lmao.


                      i wanna gotry wasd but fuck im using legacy keys lol


                        i dont even know what im using..probably edge pan?? xD


                          WASD is the best imo, edge pan is garbage and grip doesn't allow you to cast spells or use items while moving your camera very well.


                            what do people replace QWER with if they use WASD?


                              1234 @Rocket


                                I actually use QERF for my skills since WASD is taken.
                                QER[TG]F including the other two hero related skills (i.e. phoenix or something).

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                                mode :)

                                  @rocket I use T for ulti if qer are taken and R for ulti if not. I use unit specific hotkeys :)


                                    Hero tracking masterrace
                                    Who needs to edge pan or use camera grip when you can double click on your hero and let the game do all the work for you ayy


                                      edge pan