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The Mid

    what is suppose to mean if i have 8 reports and 32 commends ? and get a communication bad ?? isnt allowed to trash talk you opponents any more ? it will hurt their feelings ?


      u just outclass them to hard i guess. last thing there is to do is buy 12 month dota plus subscription and u can finall y get the 5k mmr u deserve

      One True Merchant

        Swap commend gg ez

        The Mid

          ^ i could never carry in 5k they are skilled, 3-4 im ok with like 50%


            Your recent ranked games say otherwise

            The Mid

              ^^ i stopped playing with this account my friend wanted to play dota and i didnt know-its calibration season he lost all sad life


                Ah yes, the old 'my friend was on my account' lie

                The Mid

                  and i need u to believe me because... ?


                    and i need u to believe me because... ?

                    good point


                      You annoy me. You probably have less than 5k behaviour score, you always seem to be toxic, you are toxic on this forum and your chatlogs are toxic. If you flame your teammates then its only natural that you will get reports and bad teammates. Even your steam name is toxic and annoying.
                      'You feed I flame'???
                      What kind of impression does that give to your team? If someone on my team has no avatar and a name like that they get insta-muted

                      Midnight Special

                        OP, can you learn some more of this thing called english language, I try to read but my eyes bleed


                          isnt allowed to trash talk you opponents any more? it will hurt their feelings ?


                            lol-ing this thread


                              I trash talk every single game and I have 1600 games and over 3k commends i guess i got no more than 50 reports in lifetime.

                              Why? Im not retarded, im not disturbing others from game, not going to conflict with your teammates, never couse you have to enjoy game with them or fuck off.

                              Get behavior score over 9k and you play dota with good players and good people.