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planning to spam jug got any tips in General Discussion

    need some in depth strategy and mechanics advice, thank u. any advice appreicated as long as u know how to type.
    for example,
    what should i do in lane if i am up against hard lane, what should i do to assert my dominance if i win lane
    what to do at that awkward 10-12 minute mark
    what to do during midgame, should i farm passively or be aggressive with my farm and fight as often as possible
    what to build, never got the hang of builds with jug, should i go damage by getting butterfly or tankiness by getting skadi or utility by getting blink sb manta sny etc.
    hero matchups, how does he do against common carries like slark, am, pa, or tough offlaners like bb, undying,
    how to play him in the offlane(often times teammates instalock carry safelane but are pinoys and think slippers of agility are the same thing as boots)
    Thanks 4 helping


      i consider myself a very good jug these are all vhs matchs majority divine and up watching these is all you need to learn jug at divine teir i think hes a very solid pick

      Match 4322887212

      Match 4322950073

      Match 4302615492

      Match 4302144359

      Match 4294589050


        could link u like 3 losses but those are matches were you dont get safe lane. and your forced to be with retarsd like multiple core gaming or your mid gets stoped by say kunkka or meepo then you cant really do anything. but those match arnt winnable with any carry. so no point looking at them


          Pick jug,

          Use anime girl pp

          Destroy enemy ancient

          Hit immortal in no time


            Can someone outline what has changed since this patch that made Jugg stronk please?
            I always found him a very good pick but was told by someone that he was dogshit last patch.



              Omni changes and 10 base agility increase (base damage unchanged) made him very good.

              Jim Simons

                Boots two wb (wand) treads/phase -> bfury -> manta/sny -> (dagger) -> skadi/butter/abyssal/mkb as needed.

                Talents: +5 stats, +15 attack speed, +10 armour, +600 hp (usually).

                Treads is good for afk farming, phase is good for a contested lane. Wand is good if you got a stick for lane but not always necessary. Sny is better unless you need dispel for a silence. Dagger is if you need to jump a ranged hero like luna/drow/sniper or against squishy backliners that need to be deleted first such as grimstroke/zeus/sky. Items after depend on gamestate/enemy heroes.

                Play to win your lane with spin. In hard lanes you just have to absorb the harass and hope your other lanes make space for you, tbh jug is kinda sad to play from a lost lane. Once you have bfury you just powerfarm lane+jungle until you are strong enough to fight 5v5 (usually comes around sny/manta timing, sometimes you need dagger to be able to enter fights though). Around 12 mins I'm usually just jungling/laning, don't be afraid to tp to fight/countergank as you are quite strong early, especially if ulti is up. Make sure you micro your healing ward properly, it is the major difference between a solid jug and a great jug.

                Matchup wise slark is annoying as he's hard to slash and with a skadi/basher he can bin you but generally you can outfarm and play for a strong timing with rosh as a 5man squad. PA is also unpleasant as it forces you into fastish mkb which isn't good and if she saves her blur active you can't ever slash her, also she farms similar/faster than you too. TB is aids, very hard to slash with illusions, the reflection is strong against you and he mows you down from range even when you bladefury, also farms much faster. Vs AM is okish but that hero outfarms and outcarries you so you need to end fast. Tbh Jug doesn't have great matchups across the board right now but you should do fine in lane compared to others and you are never really hard-countered.

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                  The omnislash changes were enormous. As a visage spammer I used to try and bait jugg players to ult me because it wouldn't even put me half hp due to my cloak then I turn and kill. Now I'm kinda scared of him and his 3.5 second damage immunity that is now fatal to me.


                    Cutnpaste analysis is spot on; especially the match up. My first ban is usually sniper as my 1k mmr fingers does not allow me to use blink dagger properly.


                    불멸의 길

                      fuck wraith boots 1st to win your wraith afterwards..then it depends if you want to buy battlefury or maelstrom as a farming item..just keep on abusing the healing ward to push towers..jugg is the type of carry that can push lanes so hard because of spin tp so you should always farm agressively..except there is a spin tp cancel skill from enemy heroes..

                      fever dreams

                        dont play jugg in offlane in any situation PERIOD

                        Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                          [img]Use anime girl pp[/img]

                          Do this. Top dota 2 players have anime girl as photo.


                            Manta is better than s&y (tho s&y at least deals 10 more dps and has 10 more ms)
                            statistically treads deals more dps than phase boots but the active phase is just better
                            MoM is kinda okay (active while omni gives at least 50% more dps)
                            Agi stats give better attack speed than fixed attack speed

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