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    After my rehab in lp I changed my playstyle and have over 80% winrate in ranked. I will share my method of winning in all roles just ask which role. Pos 1-5 and all viable heroes this patch.

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      I estimate my real mmr to be at 7k so you really are missing out on some really awesome tips


        Please let us know all your tips for pos 2.

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          Why do you go Phase boots instead of Treads for Jugger? Please point your reasons.


            pls let us know your tips for pos 1 and also your thoughts on LD and Lycan.. are they viable for Pos 3


              What to do on pos 2 heavily depends on what hero you pick but I’ll give you some general tips

              I usually have the weaker hero mid so I’ll start with what people struggle with. Roam or stay or jungle? It heavily relies on what the enemy mid is doing and whether you have glyph. Roam is the strongest thing you can do and usually can happen when
              a. the enemy is diving and u can tp
     found a good rune
              c. enemy mid is jungling
              d. no tower pressure on your t1.

              Glyph tip: When you roam you want to look at the enemy mid and glyph as soon as he wants the nuke the wave for the extra seconds to tp back after ganking.

              For stay, (when there’s no opportunities and you lack boots/haste/levels)
              You need to have spells for securing cs or if you completely can’t cs you go jungle or look to roam with the things to look out I mentioned.

              For stronger heroes like pugna and mk you should be looking to harass/kill mid and denying as much as possible. When the enemy goes the jungle you need to damage the t1. Or to tp counter the roam(if it’s a random shit one that’s not under their tower)

              Rune control is another method of winning the lane so you need to either deny the enemy the rune and get it yourself.
              right now you should be putting an early ward for the hg vision and rune vision and spotting enemy wards to deward with tango.

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                Jug needs the movement speed from phase and it can be bought on the sideshow, treads is shit item that makes you reliant on your team stunning for you. Armor is just a bonus and attack speed+quelling blade is very good.

                Pos 3 should be a tanky hero that ultimately pressures the safelane hero and requires many heroes and spells to kill later. I imagine ld could pressure the safelane but the hero lacks a good ult and actually has low damage aside from rng roots. Lycan is probably dogshit as an offlaner even worse than Tb but a strong carry when there’s no counters. Just pick normal heroes like sand king and centaur or last pick timber.

                I will touch on pos1 Tmr.


                  Thoughts on playing hard carry mid versus a playmaker type.

                  I play mostly carry, from side or mid lane. I feel like having a heavy farmer mid has been holding my team back and have moved mostly to the side lanes.

                  Just curious on your thoughts.


                    how to jungle ? teach me plz ! my teammates get angry when i pick jungler , and telling me "kys" , whats that mean? :(


                      Some notes about pos 3 and what are the meta now?
                      Magnus is still getting nerfed cent is weaker now ds nerfed so Any ideas about heroes?
                      Thanks in advance

                      offlaner ≠ supp

                        Pos 4 and 5 pls, thank you

                        Mungo Time


                          "I usually have the weaker hero mid"

                          Do you like weaker mid laners in general even on your main? Because you're good enough to get away with it since you're playing at a lower mmr. Would you still do that at a higher level? Because this meta is faster and games are shorter, so you don't want to fall too far behind.

                          Do you have a certain hero pool that you think is better now that people can play that way, or is it just that you like playing certain heroes?

                          I personally feel like heroes need to be able to do a lot of tower damage fast. Because the lower the mmr the less emphasis there is on pushing waves and taking towers.

                          Would you say your principles are the same no matter the bracket?


                            Jug needs the movement speed from phase and it can be bought on the sideshow

                            Just from this sentence I determine OP knows what he is doing.
                            Emoticon thumbs up please.



                              Phase on agility heroes is a grief im certain.

                              Sygma.Pride ~

                                I miss the good old days aquila treads MoM Yasha jugg.

                                The Weeknd

                                  OP baited some qn then never bother to reply


                                    Yea treads is pretty nice for farming, I broke 2 prs on gpm for jug and am

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                                      real mmr? 7k? LOL when you are just a divine
                                      Too much self-confidence


                                        @hero the mid lane is very bad for farming in general due to how easy it is to get pressured. Mid heroes should look to control runes and the tempo of the game with their huge levels. Or be like dk and kunkka, tanky and heavy pressure/harass. Naga mid in comparison is a complete joke.

                                        @mungo it’s because i get counter picked from picking early, also I don’t like to play cheese heroes like pugna unless I really want to win. It’s actually griefing if you don’t pick kunkka mid or some cheesy hero mid like dazzle or timber in high mmr imo you should pick the best heroes.

                                        My hero pool consists of what I think is fun but effective in winning. Unless if I pick puck then it’s purely for fun due to how team reliant the hero is.

                                        I would say my playstyle is aggressive but safe. I would go more pickoff kind of heroes in low mmr.


                                          @x divine is top 1% already

                                          mountains are merely moun...

                                            it's not

                                            A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                                              its funny how people claim their real mmr is x amount when they are actually lower than that.
                                              Isnt your current mmr your real mmr?


                                                Thoughts on beastmaster offlane in this meta? Give me Tips on improving as an offlaner? Suggest some offlane heroes I could practice for the current meta. Ive been winning alot lately ever since i switched my role to offlane and im taking dota more seriously than before.

                                                offlaner ≠ supp

                                                  still waiting for OP's reply


                                                    seriously why whenever i ask question nobody answer
                                                    am i that unwanted


                                                    oh btw buy pt is better i think

                                                    She`s Not here Right now

                                                      Given situation: 4 cores. You pick jungle/no lanes to go to.
                                                      How do you plan to carry them, by 20 min they are 0-15 in avg. griefing and farming all safe spots


                                                        Some games are unwinnable but if I’m jungling it’s not possible that they will reach 0-15 because I still control the tempo


                                                          @jews beastmaster is prolly good due to his vision and aura. He is definitely one of the less tankier offlaners but can trade with ranged supports fairly well.

                                                          As an offlaner you should look to pressure the carry by denying, pulling and harassing to the point where you can kill him and take the tower.

                                                          Here’s some tips, don’t block the creep wave so their tower hits them or they can’t pull to ranged but you can, utilize fog, make them aggro your creeps, and prioritize the creeps. Also most importantly, until that tower is down don’t leave your lane unless the enemy is diving. Ward their jungle after it dies and continue shoving the lane and farming the creep camps until nice items.

                                                          Practice doom(literally just press q and hit creeps), axe(spam w), timber(pick this late), centaur(if dual laning).


                                                            @love your sup, pos4 and 5 is the same deal in the laning stage. Skill up the most useful skill to help zone the enemy support so you can finally zone the enemy carry. Avoid aggroing the creeps. As a pos5 It is possible to start the the game by going to the offlane to help steal a rune or kill then walking or going back top.

                                                            Mid game you need to ward the enemy jungle. Smoke if u have to. Buy one defensive escape item then buy utility for your team if versus a solo killing hero like clinkz and pa. Else you should buy dagger for counter initiating or pick offs on out of position heroes.

                                                            All these are really general tips.
                                                            For pos 4 pick tusk for easy ganks.
                                                            For pos 5 pick lion, grimstroke, shadowshaman, lich for high killing potential throughout the game.

                                                            Vs magnus, pick oracle


                                                              Bump. God mode is back

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                                                                master of dota and not even immortal? okay m8


                                                                  *master of tips

                                                                  He’s as qualified as any to post what he wants on this forum, just look at that panda guy

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                                                                      VHS TIME :axe_laugh:


                                                                        Very interesting


                                                                          He gives pretty good advice. God of tips, what can I do when I pick skywrath to bully the HC, but then they send a trilane? Having trouble adapting to this because I can't apply enough pressure to the HC or often even survive in this lane.


                                                                            berry interesting indeed


                                                                              The only time u should pick skywrath support is for axe timber huskar Od or some sort of synergy with your heroes. I wouldn’t spam that hero as support.

                                                                              If you do get trilaned then you should know from the start from runes.

                                                                              What you should do is get as much damage in when they go on your offlaner. And if they go on you just run because you are fast. After that just hide in the trees and let your offlane tank. Hide when there’s not many creep waves. Your goal is to get even. The main weakness of a trilane is that your mid or safe support can come at anytime to steamroll their lack of xp. Make sure that your mid has a good game. You can determine this via looking at the matchup and who picked first. You can even buy a sentry for dewarding mid early.

                                                                              Assuming your safelane isn’t dumb enough to lose 2v1, a gimped offlaner and a lost mid means the enemy will lose mid game and a lot of tempo. It is very hard to play in these situations and you most likely won.

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                                                                              Adepta Sororitas

                                                                                Got any tips on brewmaster? Been playing him for a while. Im feeling he should be built around rightclick. I usually play him offlane and i have pulled off mid with him before.
                                                                                1k scrub crusader 1 here.