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General Discussion7.20 Item : Brass Knuckles

7.20 Item : Brass Knuckles in General Discussion

    Gives melee hero possibility to crarge against (suckerpunch) Enemy hero that is facing back against you with chance of critical.

    Price 3500
    Radius 1000
    Cooldown 15s
    Critical chance 10% +50%
    Speed 700

    Sadistic Gentleman

      The Longqua cloak.

      Allows you to hide items for 3 mins.

      Costs 1000gold


        Assault Rumcajs

        Prize 5900
        Radius 75
        Cooldown 5s

        Chance 50% of stealing gold by very close enemy heroes.
        Stolen gold is a random percentage of enemy total gold. (1% - 50%)


          Metal Alchemy

          Price: 7000 Recipe
          Components: None
          Can only be used once

          Increases the total active slots by 1 (One) {Removes 1 backpack slot}


            ^^^This item has been in my mind for years and i think it can totally change the fucking dota in the late game , IT WILL BE A REBIRTH OF DOTA
            And Imagine a fucking spectre with 7 items OH MY GOD . Imagine a 7 slotted Ta in 35 min instead of 6 slots . Imagine a 7 slotted visage in late game instead of 6 items .
            It can improve heroes that do not scale good to late game cuz they make items like medallion , vlads and such small useless items , which cannot really be sold . But yeah arc warden will be OP . IT will also be an indirect Lone Druid Buff .

            Master Banana Eater

              I don't think it would totally change the game as its 7k item do nothing. But it is really fuckin neat


                Imagine a 7 slotted meepo in 25 mins


                  Why unlock 7 when you could have all 9 active slots :thinking: Pog


                    8x Scope
                    Price: 3000
                    Recipe: 2x aether lens and a reciepe

                    Increase your cast range 8x longer than original


                      GOSU AI
                      Price 10350
                      Components: 69x Tome of Knowledge
                      Can only be used once

                      Active: Replaces all of your shitty team with actually competent bots

                      Patrick Joestar

                        Super TP
                        Price: 8000 and -25 mmr
                        Active: instantly transports you to the lobby and replaces you with a bot in the match, does not count as an abandon.

                        Sadistic Gentleman

                          The Jew

                          Costs 6000 gold
                          Does x0.3 magical damage equivalent to the gold you have.

                          Pale Mannie

                            oy vey

                            Cost: 100
                            Throw it at a target to damage and ministun it after a second.
                            Damage: 50

                            Ayase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                              Merlins Staff

                              Euls + Meteor Hammer

                              Lift up a hero in the air and throw meteor when they land.

                              Cyclone duration: 2.5sec
                              Cyclone damage: 50
                              Meteor damage: 150
                              Meteor DPS: 90
                              Burn duration: 6
                              Stun duration: 2

                              -When used on yourself, after the cyclone a meteor will land on your feet, hurting every shits around you.
                              -Cannot be use on the ground.
                              -Deals half damage on buildings.
                              -The euls + meteor timing is excellent, leaving no time for BKB, Rage, or even phase shift thus effectively disabling enemy by 4.5secs.
                              -Cannot be rearmed but can be refreshed by shard or orb.

                              dog in space

                                Booster package

                                Price 9999
                                Recipe: bsj promocode

                                Increase ur mmr by 99999999x


                                  I would like to see some global items.

                                  For example:

                                  Midas' Greed (upgraded Midas)

                                  +30 AS
                                  +24 dmg


                                  Same as Midas and also:
                                  Decreases enemy income by 10%
                                  Increases allies income by 10%
                                  Duration: 90s (if u use Midas constantly it's 100% uptime)

                                  Midas recipe
                                  Mithrill Hammer


                                    Thank God none of you are in charge of balance...

                                    Either it's total shit or totally OP.
                                    The only decent ones are the firecracker and the Merlin's hammer if tweaked a bit.

                                    kid is gone

                                      Thank God none of you are in charge of balance...

                                      Either it's total shit or totally OP.
                                      The only decent ones are the firecracker and the Merlin's hammer if tweaked a bit.

                                      agree its almost like u guys made joke items smh

                                      Kaptain KKona

                                        Dagon 6


                                          Item:Extra reports
                                          Components:Gets dished out with the patch
                                          Effect:Gives you more reports


                                            firecracker should be a nonstackable item otherwise its a bit too op

                                            keel (Désolé)

                                              item: big dick
                                              price: 42036069xdlol
                                              effect : gives big dick irl

                                              Smile Protector

                                                firecracker sounds fun, except it is a huuuuuge nerf to TPs, suddenly every hero can stop TPs fairly early in the game