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HP or HP Regen items? in General Discussion

    Hey guys, what kind of regen/HP items do you prefer on heroes, who need HP regen, but dont go for lifesteal or dont have some healing spells/talents.

    There are plenty "cheap" mana regen items (aquila, drumms, urn, medalion, raindrops, even soulring) or medium items (eul, aether lens), which provides a lot of mana.

    But dont really see that many options for HP/hp regen. There is headdress (with buildups), soulring (costs you life, so not really), urn (need charges, usually 1 in team) and RoR or RoH. Hood is 1700 (2x aquila), Vanguard 2.1k, Force staff (2.2k), HotD (2k).

    So when I am playing wind, I usually end up with bottle or shipping salves. Other option is Linkens, but it is an item I dont usually play (too expensive for what it offers). I even go for lifesteal to cover this, as it is only 500 more expensive, but gives me what I need (regen, damage, HP), while linkens is pretty much 5k item for regen and spell shield on so evasive hero.

    Usually I go for wind phase, maelstrom, aghs, daedelus/bloodthorn. And slowing down the damage for 1700 Hood or even 5k linkens seems too expensive (unless there is doom)


      tangos, clairties and salves should make it, from time to time visit the base if you don't have a healer in your team

      there are heroes who should focus on regen but the majority should focus on other things in the game

      stats are in most cases better imho


        go Heart of Tarask on literally everything, the best regen ever!


          it depends on who you get it on and what you need it for. one MAJOR item i didnt see you list is tranquil boots. thats your go-to for early hp regen. later in the game, if youre a tank you go heart. if youre a right clicker you go satanic. otherwise, efficient use of salves, tangoes, ally regen, and shrines should get you by. but most carries have sustain built in one way or another, whether it be abilities like juggs healing ward or slarks ult, or talents like luna and pa's lifesteal talent


            Well I didnt mention any boots (tranquils or arcanes) for one reason - I thought those items are obvious. And as well are not that useful for cores (as mentioned wind).

            Generally idea was after laning stage, when you have 1500HP, so tangoes and salves are ineffective. While 1 clarity with other items heals your mana full in 1-2 minutes, there is nothing similar for HP.

            But generally I was skipping arcanes almost entirely lately on supports - you have enough mana regen from things like urn/drums, raindrops, clarities to invest 900 to increase manapool, so you can focus on "big item" (eul, dagger, force, glimmer, spirit vessel etc).

            I was asking for "cheap" option to support after laning stage.

            oof ow ouchie

              salve is cheap
              bottle is cheap
              those r ur options on wind

              on other heroes who r more utility oriented you can go headress into any number of items, or ring of health into bf on some carries

              SEE THE MAHFUGGIN' STURNG...

                veil of discord is an option, you could start with a couple mangoes as well for the laning stage. you could also build a nullifier lategame. not much else other than maybe a force staff/hurricane pike

                SEE THE MAHFUGGIN' STURNG...

                  there is also nothing wrong with just holding an item like RoH or Helm of the Iron Will until you might need it late game.


                    Urn gives good mana regen and when you get a vessel the hp and hp regen increase from urn should be more than enough, but that's not very cheap either, so you're better off just getting salves or a headdress

                    concerned carrymates

                      Get liinken, or atleast perseverence, i dont play windranger much but if i need regen i usually buy that item.


                        helm of domi is the best hp regen item


                 talking about wr
                          just buy bottle?


                            there is blog or bsj videos. go for bottle and wand. thats end of it. its the cheapest and most effective. you can even noticr this in super major.