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    Any ranged heroes this item is more than situational on? Mirana, I'd guess, because her mana-burn talent stacks with it, but anyone else?



      Screw the rules im Seto K...

        Sniper against dusa :thinking:


          anyone against dusa tbh
          but yeah besides mirana and weaver there doesnt seem to be anyone
          u used to get it on a lot more, just as a generic situational agility item against necro but otherwise there doesnt seem to be a hero who gets it anymore (ranged that is)


            Right, since huge changes the pickup pool is alot smaller. I figured the "anyone against Dusa" thing - but one must remember it is still Mana Burn Damage, +20 Agility, and a great mana-cost free slow.

            I WUV YOU SHO MUCH ❤

              WR. I believe Diffusal > Maelstrom on Windranger and can be used in most games.



                but is diffusal as good as 3 javelins??? :thinking:

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                  Mind = Blown


                    Jd u buy too many
                    If u get 2 javelins ur fine
                    Stop wasting so many slots

                    mechanical feel kb

                      2k haHAA xD?


                        u think i like javelins?

                        u should see me buy mkb right after blink/mom on lc/void

                        rly meta forging stuff

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                          You actually aren't kidding, holy shit.


                            WIN WIN WIN WINNER WIN WIN WINNER WIN

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                              spread over 2 accounts and 3 text links which is why i didnt just link matches

                              obviously its a slight meme because mkb is just a very cost efficient dps item that gives nothing besides IAS and some pure damage

                              however on these 2 heroes it can work. pretty good usually on void and ok on lc in very specific circumstances


                                Old diffusal lvl 2 u could get on drow.


                                  i bought diffusal against am as sniper one time, didnt seem too bad

                                  Take Me Away



                                      i'd buy it on dk honestly if u just played him rn
                                      also troll vs low mana pool carries ike sven

                                      mechanical feel kb

                                        Does troll even count as a ranged hero

                                        tom hunting = peak human

                                          Okay on Morphling

                                          today's active lifestyles

                                            serverly underrated and underbought on luna imo


                                              i thought luna would just get butterly instead


                                                U are right. Luna will just get butterfly

                                                today's active lifestyles

                                                  yea because butterfly and diffusal are interchangable and serve the same purpose))


                                                    what about clinkz...
                                                    not having limited charges should be gud

                                                    👉👉P O S I T I V I T Y :D

                                                      It's very strong on ranged, a year ago it was almost always picked by a ranged right clicker with conjunction with manta and hurricane pike, that created very potent illusions that are scary to get rid of
                                                      Great stats, mana break and most importantly a purge (now a slow)

                                                      It is still great, but since the nerfs it's became better on melee than ranged (it always had straight up better stats for melees, but ranged by the sheer fact that they are ranged can benefit from the item concept more)

                                                      It is still great now, and i can see alot of ranged heroes that would benefit from it:
                                                      Terrorblade (you'll get the best use out of it with meta), luna, mirana, weaver (both also synergies with talent), drow, clinkz, arc warden, core vengeful, medusa, morph, troll (especially if you go manta MoM), sniper if you need mana break

                                                      That's a list of heroes that can consider diffusal, it's not nearly as dominant as on 6.88 on ranged, or in general as it was last patch, since it gives less stats, has no break and doesn't upgrade (so that's not one of the best end game items anymore), but all of them would still find it great

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                                                        Usually ranged needs the slow less since they can get more hits off

                                                        Steve Trevor

                                                          I get it on riki

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