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    Whats the deal with this? Ive lost so many games that were basically over because our highest networth hero refuses to buy a bkb



      Dreaming for immortal

        Low 4k... get used to it


          People get baited into the flow of a game early and make their decisions based on those earlier skirmishes.


            Pu$$y item


              that's me lol


                People don't like buying items that win games because they aren't fun. A troll would much rather buy a satanic than a BkB cuz he gets to heal off of his victims.

                Han Solo (shoots first)

                  Its a tricky item because sometimes you have to have it and sometimes is a waste of money.


                    No one want bkb, but sometimes someone need bkb. Balancing those is hard for inexperienced player (like me lol)

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                      bkb is 4 pu55y
                      sometimes an early bkb gimps you
                      sometimes its the perfect item to have early
                      either way
                      bkb is pu55y


                        I lost a slark game where I got a 7 min ultra cuz I refused to buy bkb
                        Sometimes u need it


                          Shit item. Use bkb to farm plZ


                            pu$$y item

                            learn to play without bkb.

                            Garbage Can

                              real man don't use BKB


                                Buff bkb plis


                                  Real men don't need protection


                                    I think I've bought BKB about three times in my last 100 games.
                                    Always seems to me there's a better option.


                                      ^with the shit stats the item gives that's probably why


                                        bkb is for pu$$y

                                        Pump Cultist

                                          pu$$y item ayyyy

                                          >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                            Bkb is situational. Pipe always seems to be the better buy since people seem to spam magic heroes these days. But if you see like... say... a Shaman, Lion, and Tinker on the enemy team, a BKB is worth the buy lol

                                            i d k

                                            I like Pipe better.


                                              enemy team : lion, shaman, sven, centaur, windranger

                                              my team : BKB ? lul wat


                                                Get linkens bkb force staff lotus euls :)


                                                  i wonder why durinng TI there is so few bkb purchased


                                                    It depends on the enemy line up. There is no point buying BKB if the enemy has Bristleback or Axe.


                                                      80% of bkbs utility is coverig your missplays
                                                      the better you are, the less often u find urself in the need of a bkb purchase, same for ghosts


                                                        thats why i never buy bkb

                                                        Mlada i Luda

                                                          in real high skill games bkb is almost always a must item for carries, those guys and i know a lot of them that they jsut dont have that item in 'theyr shop' at all, those are the players that have no idea about dota , and thats not only for noobs but even fomr some guys with thousends game of dota, but they play it like they playing 'street fight' , ' metal slug' or some shit. trust me i know lot of theyr prossec of thinking , they dont buy bkb even when they have a lot of damage items , but they absolutely need a bkb cause he will get foccused and killed without being able to to right-click 1 time the enmy, they will think imediately ( cause all human beings think even the dumpest) that im dying i need to get stronger and they buy as a 6 item desolator instead of bkb lol. yeah also sometimes bkb is a waste of money there are some games that you think you need it but actually you can get away without it only with a better position and a better way of aproaching team fights.


                                                            forcestaff is the better bkb


                                                              bcuz all skills of the game bypass it lol (no joke)

                                                              also is too expensive.. 10 str + little dmg... recipe is too expensive

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                                                              Rogue Knight

                                                                build this vs magical damages,stuns or disables,

                                                                If right click heroes specially PA,build tank,durability,escape (dagg,sb or se) and mkb(build this if you are a carry)

                                                                1-IceTea 🌟

                                                                  pu$$y item

                                                                  If I bought it,it's only for me to hit tower/barracks aka destroying enemies ancient without being disrupt


                                                                    Mkb is a shit item,only get it for the true strike

                                                                    rain markcawat

                                                                      Against bird

                                                                      Luke I am your Bonder

                                                                        mkb pus5y, bkb pu5sy, blade mail pu5sy, everything pu5sy...pus5y pu5sy pus5y

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                                                                        Dire Wolf

                                                                          I probably over buy bkb tbh. If playing like pa, wk, troll I just buy it without thinking. Really you should only buy it if it's clearly going to win you a team fight. Rushing it on any hero is awful cus you'll burn charges before you can end the game. Ideally you want it like 25-30 mins, use that 10s uber charge to win a big team fight, then use it like 2 more times to push rax and end by 40 mins. Then really late it's worthless again cus enemies kite you with force staffs and wait out the awful 5 seconds.


                                                                            Because like stated above, people prefer 2-way items(both offensive and defensive capabilities like manta), or otherwise just stack up on offensive items like desolator. BKB is kind of a crutch, a purely defensive item. Other than the magic immunity it gives, which has slowly been weakened over the years with the number of spell immunity-piercing debuffs increasing, its not that great. 200 hp and 24 damage for almost 4000 gold? No thanks. Then there's the issue of timing. Get it too early, and you'll either be stingy with usage to save the long duration times, leading it to be useless, or use it too much, leading to 5 second bkb by 30 minutes. Also, get it too early, you may lose the tempo because the damage becomes insufficient.


                                                                              I dont like bkb, therefore i play support who does not get it anyway :D izzy life


                                                                                Its the kind of item where you shouldn't get it unless you really have to. And when you really have to, there is no better item to buy.

                                                                                GOL DO BRASIL!!!!

                                                                                  PU$$Y item, why buy bkb when you can buy a tarrasque that gives you more hp, and better regen


                                                                                    WHy buy BKB when u can buy MANTA AND LINKINPARK


                                                                                      bkb is tricky cuz if you rush it you usually lose due to the fact when you really need it to win a teamfight it is only 5 secs. Most of the time it is used as bkb hit rax or bkb tp. The item also does not increase your farm rate and doesnt offer much stats or damage. The item is mostly used as a power spike or a surprise factor when you first get it to win a major fight.

                                                                                      Lets do Science

                                                                                        Most of the time bkb doesn't even actually increase your ability to engage fights all that much anyway. Sure it can make the enemies supports useless for x seconds sometimes but, you've just bought yourself a timer to end the game asap before the charges run too low and you blew 4k on an item that gives almost 0 offensive power not to mention the million ways there is to completely waste a bkb or pierce it. Meanwhile, the #1 on the enemy team invested in real offensive power or even in more cc such as Basher, once again nullifying your bkb.


                                                                                          what the guy above me said is correct. I usually only buy that bkb at late game where we are doing base race or going to take rax and against invoker. Usually it is bkb hit tower.

                                                                                          Aran Maleq

                                                                                            I can wreck u all with bkb sven and be chainstunned with 5scd storm hammer, so that u can say p*ssy to ur self becus u just a noob trying to be carry like atz, but dumber

                                                                                            Idiota afk jungler, noob carry kiddo

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