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Tommy Shelby

    So, i have checked the dps done by these combination of items in lobby game, sorted from highest to lowest :
    1. MoM + SnY
    2. Domi + SnY
    3. Domi + Echo Sabre
    Most guides go with option 1, but i think domi is a really good item now with the regen and a good item early for stacking ancients.
    What is the most optimum build on him?


      anything that helps you not being kited. this is sven's biggest problem

      Tommy Shelby

        Implying MoM + SnY as your choice. Problem is i cant really expect my support to stacks ancient for me


          Old hotd was just too good for this hero. If you are going sny then hotd is good item too. Your farming get boosted by stacking slot. Plus you can get alpha wolf for dmg aura. There are so many neutrals that you can use in team fight. Like the rooting neutral that spawns skeletons etc

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            Go MoM + Blink and skirmish as much as you can when Red is up.

            Tilt Master 9000

              Have been liking MoM > Blink > SnY. Especially with the SnY buff's and cheaper cost. You could probably get better items but I feel a lot more comfortable with the attack/move speed bonuses.

              Played a couple games with him recently, won them all without too much struggle, seems pretty strong now with his ult change.

              Just ask your supports to stack ancients when they can, if not, I mean it's not optimal but not the worst.

              Tommy Shelby

                Yes, SnY is definitely a better pickup than echo sabre now i think.
                The real question is now between MoM and Domi. Should i get both for the sake of stacking?

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                  Nah, just Helm of Dom and Morbid Mask for a Satan later.

                  Blink is great but get it as a 3rd or 4th item. I have had Sven's rushing blinks and then it feels like having a big dumb neutral creep fighting with you.

                  Personally, I feel Blink is situational on our big boy Sven.

                  And people think MK is nerfed when you have to play him a little different.

                  But you do you. I have my playstyle, it works, I'm gonna keep doing it and learning from players that destroy my anus 0 u 0

                  Pure Pleasure Seeker

                    Nope. Just go MoM. Stack and pull hard camp yourself and kill it with ulty. For ancients, just do double stacks with ulty.

                    GOL DO BRASIL!!!!

                      Dom does not provide lifesteal anymore, only really usefull for aura and stacks, MoM is to situational, if you dont have the stun, you cant kill people, if you dont have the warcry you cant chase.

                      Echo is still core, the price for what it gets you its pretty good.

                      Rogue Knight

                        ↑ What a great game you have...

                        For me.. it's better to build HotD and SnY so that you can stack ancients or neutrals by yourself ...stack the first ancient and then proceed to the other ancient to stack it... Dunno why SnY is now legit to Sven than echo sabre tho but I tried that SnY build than Sabre

                        Tommy Shelby

                          Cause SnY provide better stats and is core if you dont want to get kited easily.
                          With echo sabre you have only 335 ms, with SnY you have 385 ms.

                          GOL DO BRASIL!!!!

                            Do you really needs stats on Sven, if you are bulding MoM you dont need the extra agility, you dont need the strengh because of the ult, and you dont need the int, because of threads+echo.


                              Yes but you need the extra movement speed + maim to chase down people during fights, as well as move quickly between jungle camps, and don't forget SnY became 200 gold cheaper this patch but still provides the same stats. When you pick sven you kind of expect your supports to stack some ancient camps for you, or you should be telling them to do so, because the strength of sven now is that after some period of jungling in the mid game he can be 1-3 items ahead of the enemy carries, which he then snowballs out of control. As for MoM + SnY, you usually want to get blink / sblade afterwards so that you can get your combo blink + stun + ulti + mom + attack. Also remember that MoM builds from quarter staff and morbid mask now, and can be disassembled, which means you can still break it into echo / bloodthorn + satanic later on.


                                from what ive seen from higher mmr players, its usually either Mom armlet or MoM sny, since MoM is bought almost every game, echo sabre doesn't rlly sybergize well with it, and since most svens also build bloodthorn instead of Daedalus, echo again becomes worse. basically echo served the purpose of jumping in and bursting someone down, instead MoM and sny better allow sven to continue chasing after the initiation.

                                Do you really needs stats on Sven, if you are bulding MoM you dont need the extra agility, you dont need the strengh because of the ult, and you dont need the int, because of threads+echo.

                                sny gives movespeed, strength is still really valuable, just cuz his ulti gives it doesn't mean it becomes redundant. he does need int because u don't buy echo sabre, if u were to buy echo sabre he would still usually need another item for mana late game, where bloodthorn again comes in. agi means attack speed, and on a hero that hits this hard attack speed is very good. basically just cuz sven already has something that gives him a certain benefit doesn't mean u cant buy other items to complement that, those items don't make the original redundant.

                                Who's this amazing carry ...

                                  I would prefer echo, blink, deadulus/bloodthorn, silver edge instead of MoM and SnY

                                  blink + sliver edge is better for solving the kiting edge, imo, as it gives much more. SnY is not a very efficient item on Sven (you're only buying bcuz of the movespeed, the rest of what it provides Sven doesn't need - even halberd would be better. And MoM has the silence problem)

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                                    I went armlet MoM few days ago but I doubt anyone would bother having so much active items and ability anyway