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So this just happened in General Discussion

    I just played a game where the courier, for some reason, kept automatically flying into the enemy tower, creeps or heroes and feeding every single time it respawned... At first, I thought it was the treant because the icon showed it was under his control, but I asked him and he said it wasn't him... I believe him because later the icon changed to whoever used the courier the last time, and then it would automatically just feed into the enemy... Is this a hack? A bug? We asked in all chat if the courier feed was a hack by the dire but got no response...

    Anyone else have a similar experience?


      its one of ur teammates feeding the courier

      Tommy Shelby

        Lol u got trolled


          No dude, I know it wasn't anyone in my team... I was watching the other heroes and they were all moving or doing something or the other while the courier was just flying into the enemy... I was constantly right clicking to turn it back or spamming Q to make it return to base... Nothing worked... And the icon in the bottom right corner showed no one was forcing control on it...


            You have to watch the match over and over from every players perspective. You got trolled.

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            Gabba Gabba

              I can micro a cour and move too....


                its obviously has Skywraith Mage's and Drow's item so if they steal kills from him he will feed the courier who has their items.


                  People can script courier feeding

                  JOLLY GREEN GIANT


                    this diox is either an insane good troll

                    or should be burnt at the stakes

                    disgusting weebs

                      btw, is anybodys else courier user icon fucked? it keeps showing the wrong heroes, i.e showing my teammate controlling it when its actually me or when its obviously delivering items to some1 esle

                      *boop* got your nose

                        @disgusting weebs Yes, I noticed that when I micro the courier to the secret shop (my hotkeys are Z to select, W to move to secret shop) it doesn't show me as the one controlling it, but instead it will show whoever used it last as controlling it. I noticed it's not just when I do it, but for anyone who moves it to the secret shop (could be anywhere, haven't tested it enough) it will show my icon if I used it before him.

                        I noticed this happening since a few weeks now, maybe prior to 7.05 but could be even older than that, it's just when I first noticed it. Haven't been in a game where it doesn't do this, so I know it's not just one game. I'm sort of use to it now lol but it's still annoying because teammates think they are controlling it and will often steal it from me, not realizing it was me using it.

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                            lol ! it was drow conformed, and its not hack she was simply ordering cour haha ! hahah but i dont know why there was dark seen icon at the courier in start game !


                              @disgusting weebs @Lazerhawk yeah, I have been experiencing the same for quite some time now... Needs to be fixed but I'm used to it...

                              @as the moon I noticed the dark seer icon as well, probably a bug related to the one mentioned above... Still have to watch the replay coz servers were down yesterday...


                                Yeah ip the wrong icon is bug but u can check thay courier was being controlled by drow ranger !


                                  Okay, so I just watched the replay and the drow is using the 'follow' button on the treant to constantly make it follow him and therefore reveal his position wherever he goes... I watched it right from the start and the treant did nothing to cause this kind of behaviour... He even gave the rune to the drow and did what he should do in the safe lane as a support, harass, pull and deny creeps....

                                  He was so concentrated on doing that he actually didn't get a single last hit in the first 4 creep waves... He had 20 last hits in the first 10 minutes... When the treant DCed for a short duration, he made him spam use all his consumables... He did this for the entire game!

                                  Now what infuriates me the most is the fact that the server went down immediately after that game and when it finally came back up and I could watch the replay, I couldn't report or do anything about this player... He doesn't even have a Dotabuff... I am starting to lose my sanity here... I think I need a therapist...


                                    Don't think too much about it to the point of you losing your sanity, chill dawg its just one match its not worth it.



                                      Normal skill.bracket game explains everything..


                                        Courier icon is bugged
                                        Also remember that 1 mmr guy who feed courier by sending it to enemy unit so it will walk to its own demise but there won't be any icon of the courier user?