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General DiscussionComment on the Dotabuff above you

Comment on the Dotabuff above you in General Discussion

    Say 1 good thing and 1 bad thing about the previous dotabuff.

    So the first one say 1 bad and good about my dotabuff and then someone comment about his and so on...
    Gogo! =)

    ♛King Kimnara

      GOOD - You aren't a tit

      BAD - Rihanna pic - You have downs


        Good - nice hat

        bad - he smokes :-(


          Good- likes support.
          Bad- shitty winrate.


            Good - nice winrate with many heroes

            Bad - boring heroes!

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              Clock still most fun hero in the game :D

              Woof Woof

                Good - good player

                bad - is into transexuals with big forheads

                nice one jew u brok good thread

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                  good - ted bundys conversations are interesting

                  bad - he is a serial killer


                    good: Helpful, friendly

                    bad: exploiter (hopefully not anymore)

                    Tanjiro Kamado

                      good: is a champ for having c.m as 1 of his most played

                      bad: name can be pronounced very badly


                        good: Does not play on my server
                        bad: win rate, naruto lover, and all the rest


                          good: Good support.
                          bad: Wisp try hard.


                            What's wrong with trying hard with Wisp?

                            good : Plays Lone Druid a lot

                            bad : Plays Sniper a lot ( very boring hero...why not go play League of Legends? )

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                                Good: nice morphling winrate
                                Bad: your records are kinda meh

                                that was meant for the other guy rofl

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                                its just weed wu

                                  Good: Knows how to play Morphling.
                                  Bad: Plays Pudge often. What a jerk. :D

                                  edit: apparently I take too long to post a comment.

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                                    Good: good winrate and kda

                                    Bad: less than 70% winrate with treant OPtector

                                    *was meant for the HnB guy

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                                    lesbian incest warrior

                                      Good - meepo player

                                      Bad - green puke-on-a-ball pic

                                      EDIT: playing a lot of bot games for last hit practise and when my net connection is on its period

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                                        good - winrate 2 OP
                                        bad - has more aliases than wins

                                        mute me someone pls ty

                                          good - plays decent mid heroes

                                          bad - has awful jug! xD


                                            good: nice winrate and KDAs
                                            bad: have no friends on dotaBuffs


                                              good: ur definately not trying too hard

                                              bad: disgusting slark mainer!


                                                good: Damn son, everything

                                                bad: Nice Huskar KDA

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                                                  good nice huskar kda
                                                  bad pointing out others mistakes if he is even worse? :D


                                                    Poking fun at someone with such a high win rate doing not much better than me at Huskar. It's all good fun bro!

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                                                        good: almost everything especially dat bear.
                                                        bad: dat avatar lol


                                                          :D Do you understand that avatar?

                                                          Havoc Badger

                                                            Good: Ursa plays
                                                            Bad: Ursa plays

                                                            Also I see your treant picked up.

                                                            Ples Mercy

                                                              Best axe i know atm.

                                                              2 FRIGGN MUCH JUNGLEDOOM

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                                                              la the yeezy

                                                                Good: PL user like me :D
                                                                Bad: PL user like me :D

                                                                Xiie No Shit™
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                                                                    nigger thread

                                                                    danN -

                                                                      Good: Nice dp winrate
                                                                      Bad: Slark tryhard


                                                                        good: nice winrates with different heroes

                                                                        bad: Non-unique DP


                                                                          Good: ez lyfe; prolly doesnt bother too much
                                                                          Bad: Too many invoker games


                                                                            good: good winrate and puck most played

                                                                            bad: i cant really talk but it seems you mid too much


                                                                              good luna wr
                                                                              bad wr wr (almost as bad as mine) :D

                                                                              literally end my life thx

                                                                                Good: ursa tryhard
                                                                                bad: ursa tryhard

                                                                                Papa Het

                                                                                  good: Invo and Io in Top 3 plus positive W/L with said hereos
                                                                                  bad: can't think of anything because goddamn cat in a goddamn blanket


                                                                                    Good: Warlock winrate/kdr
                                                                                    Bad: scumbag spirit breaker picker


                                                                                      Good: experienced player
                                                                                      Bad: fucking cancer picker


                                                                                        Good support player.
                                                                                        three records are with bloodseeker


                                                                                          good: seems to be able to micro
                                                                                          bad: below 50% =/




                                                                                              #Respect the Death Prophet. I feel it's a really underused hero.

                                                                                              Doesn't really seem to have the best attitude. Also tends to play carries that don't have support mechanisms very well or supports for that matter.

                                                                                              Jʌy Δshʙoʁnɘ

                                                                                                Good win rate.



                                                                                                  In my defense, most of my drow games came from before she was buffed.

                                                                                                  To not break thread:

                                                                                                  Good micro skills. I love visage. One of my favorites.

                                                                                                  Inconsistent carry.

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                                                                                                    to melody:

                                                                                                    Good : cool visage

                                                                                                    bad : most played 46 %

                                                                                                    Big Boost Big Boobs

                                                                                                      good rihanna
                                                                                                      bad no healing ward with jugger vs trilane