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    Rip Luna... So bad that she's completely forgotten


      > Dazzle the only unplayable universal hero

      Vengeful spirit's so bad she's just completely forgotten.


        Dazzle is brutal right now


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            As a former Wraith King enjoyer, i have to say, on paper WK has same winrate as Juggernaut.

            However the difference is WK just doesn't have any good timings now. His stun length is piss poor, so no early lockdowns. Farming up 8 skeletons takes so much time and then they live so little, it just doesn't justify the skillpoints. Ultimate uptime is horrible now too.

            Compare his ult to Abaddon. Similar idea, but Wraith King just has 3 times the cooldown. Literally the longest CD in the game i believe.

            High ranked meta simply requests of WK player to make ZERO mistakes at ANY stage of the game or he falls behind with no good way to catch up.


              >Compare his ult to Abaddon. Similar idea, but Wraith King just has 3 times the cooldown. Literally the longest CD in the game i believe.

              Longest CD is Enigma's Black Hole, but who plays that hero nowadays? :p

              gus gus

                Clockwerk needs major buffs.


                  What an absolutely clueless post. Dazzle unplayable? Are we playing the same game?


                    What an absolutely clueless post. Dazzle unplayable? Are we playing the same game?

                    clearly we are not playing with a clueless crusader


                      Rip LUNA very weak and needs time to farm
                      Rip CLOCK we don't know what this hero do now
                      Rip Gyrocopter, is this a carry, a support or a tank or shit
                      Rip Treant Protector
                      Rip Vengeful Spirit

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                        Серьезно? Вк слабый только из-за невозможности использовать скелетов в файте? ебать кто-то их использует для драк? они онли для отпуша линий и стояния леса с нулевой минуты

                        Nemesis 041

                          Luna is totally gone. She hasn't seen any relevant updates, except for the change to Lunar Blessing that effectively makes it so it's nerfed for her allies. An aura that's not even remarkable is now even worse, she might as well only have 3 abilities instead of the usual 4.


                            please dont make spectre meta that character is so boring


                              >clearly we are not playing with a clueless crusader
                              Doesnt seem you are keeping that rank with all those losses m8.

                              Manuel Manders

                                It hurts me to see Dazzle so weak now. He can be such a fun hero to play.


                                  I have played 350 games on Luna and rock a 55.5% win rate with the hero. But recently this is the worst she's ever felt to play. I thought with an expanded map and more jungle camps, Luna would become meta, but that isn't the case. Her abilities are literally the same as they were when DOTA was released on the Warcraft 3 platform and there haven't been anything but questionable nerfs to her in recent patches. She's an original and iconic hero of this game, and she's been totally and utterly cast to the side by the community. Such a shame, I hope she makes a strong comeback in 7.34.

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                                    все спириты, луна, лешрак, террор блэйд, лина, вивер, дум и дк такие типа: нас не существует

                                    eternal despair and 24/7 ...

                                      XD какие все спириты бро)) эмбер 50% вр шторм 54% вр на д2пт, лешрак вообще 57%. что ты несешь, мистер сидр

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                                        WK is strong now, he is perfect for constant fighting meta and is useful even if behind because of stun and ult. He has strong lane and can push early. Skeletons are for pushing and farming, not for fighting. But yeah, the hero can be underwhelming in the late game a bit, if the build is focused on early game more. And cooldowns are long, you can't afford doing any big mistakes.

                                        Spectre was 55% winrate for years, let the girl rest. Plus in low bracket she is strong as always just because of how her kit works. I don't think she is particularly weak now... it's just there are more easier and reliable choices in higher brackets.

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                                          Белку бы хоть на один буквенный патч апнули. У чара 46% процентов винрейта в среднем. Ей было бы здорово заиметь хоть один талант на контроль сквозь бкб, т.к. после покупки бкб корами белка перестаёт играть в 80% пабов.

                                          Nemesis 041

                                            The man two comments above me is right. Spectre isn't inherently bad, so there's no need to buff her into absurdity. She's already excellent at what she does. Her win rate is good in lower brackets simply because less organized and coordinated players have longer games, where Spectre truly shines.

                                            And for Wraith King as well. Skeletons make for good jungle and lane farmers, ever since skeletons can now replenish their own charges. Having skeletons summoned to attack enemies slowed by Reincarnation are just a bonus, and are thinking people should fight with them. That's not a bad idea, but a bunch of lifestealing skeletons that have mini-reincarnations of their own are super helpful for split farming and split pushing.

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                                              Нужно бафать фарм потенциал Спектры. За почти 500 игр на ней очень видно, что основная проблема у нее именно в фарме. Может стоит увеличить дисперсию по крипам, чтобы у нее была возможность рано уйти с линии и добить гребаный радик не бегая на базу, потому что тебя избили медведемоны.

                                              Ser Pounce

                                                Spectre only falls down below 50% in immortal and beyond. And even then, she's sticking around the 49% winrate, it's really not that bad. The hero hardly needs a buff.

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                                                  Venge spirit is kinda in a weird situation , the old venge was so good like double swap and that illusion was Pog her passive too


                                                    Where DK buff?


                                                      Well Universal hero need like they way to shine, but somehow became overpower if you doing it right.

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                                                        Фурион 40% винрейта


                                                          According to Dotabuff, Doom has the lowest win rate across all the brackets. Looks like the guy is in desperate need of attention.