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    First line of understanding power levels section, I read that as "aghanim' spectre" XD

    Сдаю анал.EZ

      Kawaii, Дыхание дракона режет весь урон, даже зелёный. А с талантом на все 55%, что очень сильно и, мне кажется, недооценено.


        Viper, like DK, is also mechanically simple, fairly tanky, and useable in other lanes. Otherwise he is a good complement in that he has exactly the skills that DK don't have:
        - is ranged
        - harassment & orb-walking
        - aoe farming/pushing

        HexyRose :X

          DK seems a simple hero but it needs skills to win a game with him not ez for beginners
          I would recommend Tide and abaddon as tank heroes for beginners.


            Ez kill with pugna

            Slark Suρρort

              New player ? Just give him Sniper, he will learn all heroes automatically. He will have to memorize what skills other heroes have, in order to stay safe.

              Играю нестандартно

                Pick DK
                Enemy pick Huskar
                Ruined game, delete dota

                Slim Shady

                  Dead game + ratio

                  If you play this you must have a mental issue

                  MrPopo's Hole

                    This author still useless