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♂Dungeon Master♂

    so many trash lycan players that don't know what they are doing coming out of the woodwork

    Головач Лена

      Where is Ursa in this top? I think this is one of the strongest heroes of the patch in principle.


        Morphling is trash with low base movespeed and weak laning stage. He usually does not have enough mana to use the spells in his ultimate. Ethereal blade was kind of nerfed also. Morphling can only be played at immortal brackets so avoid.


          @Dugeon Master the pot calling the kettle black?


            @dreadnought Morphling is still strong like he was last patch. I find it hard to trust your claims considering you play mostly offlane caster Morphling and average more deaths than kills across 220 matches.


              Lifestealer was among the dogshit tier list carries in the previous patch yet he got brutaly nerfed/reworked. no matter how many times they increase his base damage in the upcoming patchs, it basicly wont be enough. all he needs is his previous feast mechanics in pre-7.23...


                @Fathomorg Lmao you murdered him.

                Jugram Haschwalth

                  you missed ursa. ez recovery from a lost lane


                    can I carry using support heroes?


                      @fathomorg godlike

                      Mr Perspective

                        isnt spec also still pretty decent?

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          @fathomorg stop, he is already dead.

                          btw my friend played Naix the other day, he was just a freaking creep with items. Naix isn't a hero anymore.


                            Spec is still decent in the right hands.

                            Naix is dead lol. It was dead since they changed the feast.

                            Morphling is not that good either actually..

                            Throat singing enjoyer

                              yall should try bloodseeker


                                Jugg is also pretty good rn


                                  Morph still strong.