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      Currently, the Enchanted Mango has a 41.38% win rate. This is a tragedy. We've all had moments where that extra mana boost saved your ally with a clutch nyx stun or a sudden reincarnation turns the teamfight. It is our duty as fellow gamers and members of the DotA 2 community to rise up and give this item the respect it deserves.

      (Also does anyone know the interaction between Lycan Aghs and Chen? I am curious if Chen's creeps would get the haste buff)


        These are starting to really get on my nerves. Next thing I'm gonna see is: how to win games in 2020: run down mid and feed.


          As someone who has really been diving into mid dazzle, I'd love to see a piece on his core data. Flexibility in his dps aghs build or his CDR grieves build gives him a lot of flexibility depending on the draft spread (like pos 4 wr and pos 5 invoker).


            Good article. Although I think you miss some very important keys on why chen offlane is very strong

            First off. Chen offlane has this timing with helm of domi which you should use to get tier 1 towers (preferably enemy safelane and mid) which helps to get map control on their jungle. After getting enemy safelane T1, with 5 creeps online you can basically stay in the enemy jungle and play around there as YOU'RE THE STRONGEST HERO IN THE GAME AT THIS POINT around 7-15mins ( no joke). You can basically fight anybody as long as you are not severely outnumbered (depending on enemy draft). Enemy team at this point would most likely to avoid fighting against you which you should use this to your advantage to try and make them rotate towards you.

            Second thing, the reality is offlane chen doesn't really stay at 3. When late game approaches you actually turn into a pos 4 as you cannot provide anything else aside from powerful buffs and heals which is often overlooked. The way you play lategame chen is getting aura creeps(cloack centaur/hellbear,wolf aura etc.) and the ice ogre while ditching the big centaur which i think you overrate too much. People saying lategame chen is walking creep are dumb and don't actually play the hero.

            ""His Centaur creeps can initiate and tank while Chen stays in the backlines and summons allies or prepares heals and slows. In this sense, Chen fulfills the traditional role of an offlane hero just not with his body. This works well until the mid to late game. Centaurs and Satyrs won’t be able to equip items so they don’t scale like heroes do. You’ll have to get an Aghanim’s Scepter and control Ancients for your creeps to scale well into the late game but even then, heroes will of course scale better.""

            At lategame this is actually the opposite. You actually should NOT HAVE a centaur(the big one) at lategame and should put all your creeps at the backlines because the creeps you should have at this point is the ones with auras and ice ogre which are pretty squishy. Also don't get agahanims, too much waste for a 4200 gold.

            Just my feedback.

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              Thanks for acknowledging tilt factor. Go POS 3 Chen and your pos 4 is going to take your LHs, your team is going to flame you, and then win/lose you're going to get a bunch of reports.

              Shit could only work in a 5 stack, regardless of MMR or Behavior Score level.


                Chen pos 3. gg ff gl next

                (: H A P P Y :)

                  it's very good guys chen in offlane = gg trust me i played in last game

                  (: H A P P Y :)

                    it's very good guys chen in offlane = gg trust me i played in last game


                      "Of course, these numbers could mean that Chen is being played as a position 4 rather than a 3 but if Chen is being played as a support then it’s more likely that he’s being played as a 5."

                      Most likely 4s.

                      Toilet Water Communion

                        Please delete all these horrible articles and don't write anymore in this series. You have done so much damage to pubs, make it stop.


                          Chen 3 are almost impossible to play against early, and top 500 players admit it you can see by your own eyes on any stream currently with 8000+
                          But this articles really shitty and don’t catch real threat etc.


                            He can't do more damage to Dota tbh. I think this game is dead already. Actually dead for quite some time now. Players that remind are some frustrated people looking to dispose of their anger. This is not near the dota when it was released. Everyone that liked this game I think already quit it and just decided to let it go. I mean its ok to lose games ofc you cant win all of them thats the point to teach you that you can always do better. But how many games in a row you lose because you have people that play to lose. Its worse than ever really. There is no more teamwork there is only crying and toxic behaviour. Valve implemented the matchmaking based on that. What else to say really. There are no more players for ranked i think. Now you get players based on behaviour score. 8 Mil players global in month. Whats there more to talk about. your write articles about chen pos 3. Who you think will play that even tell us honestly. There are 100 000 games with chen totally. Even classic long forgotten heroes are ignored, now everyone want to be carries or supports that will be toxic towards them :). I think there is only luck if you get good teammates. Not to mention amount of boosters and boosted accounts. Thats whole new world really. So you tell me how many people actually remained to play this game. I say not much. So actually go and write more of these articles so people can leave Dota in even greater number. I encourage you to do that. Keep up the awesome work.

                            Oh and I almost forgot to add amount of players this year. Last year same time there was above 11mil players. now barely 8mil and falling . There was smile spike during corona thou :). Anyway people are playing less and less this game its a fact. Valve constantly tries to change things but only for the worse. So many changes that I think even they lost in translation tbh.

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                              No one cares about your rant you Ivcha shithead. Last year same time we had TI. Let's see.. what did every TI do? Oh yeah seasonal player who joined the euphoria of watching their favourite player and wanna share the experience of playing dota in their own bracket. That's fine. Totally fine. What's not fine is idiot like you comparing numbers of the year we literally have pandemic and the year everyone and their dog watching TI.

                              you're hopeless. I don't think no one would ever able to explain Chen as pos 3 to you