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      This patch is a bit balance now, btw 2nd:)

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        i am archon and we know always we are better than divines and immortals even though we dont brag about it

        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

          ^Exactly I always respect archon players. I press F and leave the game when I found one in my team because I'm scared.


            is rod of atos on BB good?


              terrible post dotabuff, you leave out all the good mid and only play the peruvian ones


                As a Pango offlane spammer after the latets patches i saw a potential in mid Pango. In good mid match up he can get out of control really fast, when he hits 6 he can gank and keep tempo really easily as Hand of Midas got popular, players now sacrifice early strength for late game by buying it. So this window not only got longer when Pango peaks, but also in this window enemies are weaker.

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                  I'm unclear if you are suggesting pango get the midas or if he is taking advantage of people picking it up and leaving themselves open longer.


                    you know its shit when viper is meta


                      ^Archon on divine matchmaking are always the scariest thing, it's like finding a normal human without suit on the Sun. There's no way it would be a normal player, it is either an alien or a peerless unfathomable expert.

                      Yami Yugi

                        shit get serious man...


                          i like how my archon and crusaders mates are trying to be smart and talking about the meta....lovely everyone knows how to play but when you meet them in game ohhhh! my GOD!


                            @ MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                            He's saying the latter part of your statement.

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                              that makes the most sense to me too, but in case there is an alternative strategy I was not seeing I wanted to be aware of it.

                              Frizbee Alert


                                BAD cat

                                  Archon Yaping wtf stay low , low iq you wont reach any higher.

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