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    Why would you play dota for "fun" and press the ranked button? What logic is there? I played 23 hours straight last night, starting at 1150, and finished at 1150. This game is making me hate myself, hate life, and want to die.


      My goal for 2019 is to play the forty games Behavior Score C-, 1125 MMR, silently losing and getting my ass kicked after all the study and time invested. Then, when I still play with cores who give up lane 2 minutes into the game, or supports who make it impossible to CS, where you have to fight the enemy and your allies to get one fucking last hit, then I can finally uninstall this disgusting game from my brain pathways. Not to mention the complete lack of rotations to team fights. It's like having teammates and constantly getting jumped over and over without any fucking help over and over.

      I can't let it go under any other circumstance otherwise. I have to be sure it's the nasty system they have in place, lumping all the worst players into one group to play with each other. And they keep it hidden too, they don't even have the gall to put some kind of meter or indication that you're "increasing behavior score." I'm jsut fucking sick of this nasty game and the people who play it

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        Haha, no wonder my arms and hands hurt and are numb. I played 20 games of shadow pool 1k mmr yesterday, in a row, with no breaks. I completed wasted the entire day, and hurt my body in the process, for absolutely nothing.