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SirGueL ™
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      Hi add me and call me

      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

        Whether you like it or not, Fnatic matches are fun to watch. *cough* EmbEr *cough*

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        Yami Yugi

          ohh I hope Phoenix make another blast!


            27 сек хук да ну нафиг я сваливаю


              They never left,they just got cycle out... The only one missing is Venomancer from the last Ti....

              Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                Where are the mods? Posts that just say "first" are meant to be deleted by them.

                Sleight of My Fist In You...

                  lmfao where is ursa?? that hero is going to be p/b 100% of games at ti




                      will you stop bitching about pudge jesus


                        Ursa is very easy to deal with by a professional team so imo it will be just a situational pick.

                        El show de Matute....

                          Lloran los perucas


                            Still Naga Siren /IO will be top baned.
                            CM is still strong, didn`t expect so many TA pcks.

                            Ricardo Mars

                              they didn't talk about teddy bear ursa


                                "Interestingly, she [Winter Wyvern] was played slightly differently from what we expected"

                                Can't help but to giggle about article author being persistent thinking that build with maxing Arctic Burn is the most relevant one.

                                I suggest to check Winter Wyvern Dotabuff top100 wyvern players games, most EXPERIENCED ww players choose to max out Splinter Blast... Perhaps you won't be directing people to go versatile skill build instead of winning one.

                                Talking with 3000 ww games experience, being among top10 ww players.
                                (~2000 games recorded on DB, 3000 recorded in-game)

                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                  *Sees WW mentioned*

                                  Wise1ce: *gasps, whispers* "I've waited for this moment"


                                    @MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                    Well, the previous article was quite off the trends and his skill build meta. Never seen pro games played with maxing Arctic burn. They either max splinter blast or both arctic burn and blast skipping embrace, but never maxing exclusively her Q.

                                    Read comments to the last wyvern article they made, people are ranting about article's guide being weird.
                                    Ah no, wait, seems like article was edited, and comment about "people who max Arctic burn know their hero better" was replaced by "Regardless of what path you choose..."
                                    Hm, intresting... ;)

                                    P.S. Don't take my message as some kind of angry intention though, I respect @kawaiisocks articles, I really do,
                                    perhaps it was just suspicious choice of words in the original arcticle text. I'm just saying they shouldn't really say that Arctic Burn maxed out build is a dominant and preffered option, while they obviously play different builds at pro-scene and in high-level pubs.

                                    Librock Games
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                                        It's cool, i'm always happy with constructive criticism. Though I still believe in Maxing Arctic burn in your pub games, at least if you are like me at 5.3k or lower.

                                        The reason is quite simple—pub games, especially in lower brackets are slower-paced and the laning stage goes on for 10-12 minutes, instead of 7-9 in the pro scene and higher level pubs. Arctic Burn 3 makes it so that you have it up in every single creep wave. It makes the lane unfair for the opponent, since if the enemy dual want to get to any creeps, they eat percentage-based damage and are easier to kill afterwards. It is more than worth it, especially considering how manacost on splinter blast increases rapidly with levels and the ability gets harder to harass with and sustain. I generally use it as a one-time slow to secure a kill, after the enemy is worn down from Arctic Burn every 30 seconds/every creep wave.

                                        And then it just feels weird not maxing it out, leaving at 3 until much later in the game)

                                        Keep in mind that i don't write for pros or for Divine 3+ players, they know Dota at least as well as I do. We work for the other 99% of the community and they should probably max Arctic Burn. (or not play WW, since there are easier to execute supports that are equally as effective)

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                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                          Was just yanking your chain bruh

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                                          Despair | 絶望


                                            I don't think CM would be a go-to pick now that her Crystal Nova manacost got increased by 30. 2k players like me would just opt to Frostbite level 1 or even pick different, but more straight heroes like VS, Lion or Lich (since he's on a good spot atm) in a usual 2v2 lane match-up.

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                                              @NIKI didn`t say will be most picked, can be Mirana cause she can be mid, offlain, support, give you versability.
                                              Even si LIch or Lion can out play cm, cm is more useful for team now, and gives oru carry more farm.
                                              Lion si more for ganks and counter ganks, than 2vs2,
                                              Lich, I don` t know i don` t liek that hero much, but he is good, maybe better for long games ccause 25 +30hp reg is good, but can`t say mcuh about him.
                                              More less i search for opinion for most picked hero. for most kill, most gpm, most last hits, it`s really bet, just don`t troll.

                                              sad days

                                                Fnatic games aren't fun, they just wait 50 mins to make something interesting, thats no fun


                                                  of corse i imput the necro mid on meta many time ago! but now he got a little nerf but keep so strong!

                                                  all profissionals can pick, play, win and just come to my twitch to see how to play with this great hero!