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Yorak Hunt

    My 3rd First.

    aikyu3 SuBi ♪

      Press F to respect. We all will quit this /dead/ game one day. Many players, including myself, think that quiting dota is the best decision in life, though we all still following dota pro matches and news.

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        Good bye Loda, I don't think you have been the greatest carry in the history of dota, but you were the carry in the best team in the history of dota, which means a lot too.


          Loda dude was in his prime back in 2006-7 . Was a surprise he won TI3 . He had a pretty good career . Back when dota 2 didnt exist , in dota 1 Loda was the legend , after the emergence of dota 2 Dendi became the legend . Now its just meh . Dota is going downside slowly

            LODA, the L stands for LEGEND. Loda was a legend, always has been a legend, always will be a legend, the one and only legend.


              i feel old :(