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wet popcorn™

    very nice :)


      missing underlord, another big offlaner


        Should have added how being an offlane now isn’t as difficult as before because of the common dual offlaners in the meta

        The Weeknd

          How abt pangolier??


            from what we've seen in last pro matches, I would say that TideHunter is also a very good offlaners these days, especially in pubs. The natural tankiness he have and the up he got on Ravage Radius makes him less dependant of blink to initiate/counter-initiate efficiently so he can bring more aura items early on. Have good farm potential and can absolutely rekt a wild range of carries.

            The other one which is imo a bit underrated is centaur. Since Strength give magic resistance, combine with a Hood and the +10 Magic resist lvl 10, he's becoming one of the most interesting mid-game offlaner to me. Hard to zone out in early game, he can be totally wrecked by some support that's maybe why he's not loved that much. Really blink dependant but have insane farm possibility.

            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

              It'd be nice if a few more heroes could work the lane for sure. That's not to say zero heroes can do it, but a few too many of those non carry utility offlaners are still having a tough time being viable. I'd like to see a little more centaur, for instance, or perhaps timbersaw. Really though, it would be nice to see another new offlaner hero introduced.

              4pos pudge/grim only

                since the meta shifted to three farm-dependent cores, it is now common to see more heroes in the offlane. People and teams be putting their two carries on the sidelanes and some of the traditional offlaners lost their spot. We've seen Puck, Viper, even Lycan in the offlane and most games started to feel like usual pub games. But it's fun so I've no problem with that (though I would love to see more people play the offlane as it was before).


                  Offlane is not the "safe bet" it used to be anymore . Take a annoying hero like cent and it was over for their team even in a tri lane vs solo . Now only in certain situations u can take solo offlane since the "exp reduction by deny" makes it impossible to solo against tri no matter what u take . I dont mean u wont survive surely u can safe play , but u will not have that early snowball power to gank their team , rather u depend on ur team for ganking ur lane .

                  Whatever it Takes

                    Just pick anything with io

                    Sleight of My Fist In You...

                      lc is the best offlaner


                        LC will rape your ass


                          techies is best offlane guys.. no doubt about it


                            Bristleback is love.Bristleback is life.


                              Axe is shit in solo offlane even 1v2, what are you talking about? He needs support at all times to be effective.


                                dotabuff plz next post about dead heroes

                                You are captured, stupid ...

                                  Nerfing Exp Lane force meta to 2-1-2, this means offlaner's can have a 2x2


                                    any offlane with an IO is strong

                                    Antonio Laje...

                                      AXe is shit like peru


                                        nightstalker IO is destroying in high MMR games I've been watching


                                          What I see is that only strength hero can settle on offlane.


                                            Nigh Stalker + IO fuck the enemy carry and support , seeing it in many pro games , no one lane solo anymore in offlane.

                                            Good and Nice

                                              MY Elder titan is the strongest offlane in the meta. Get out of here.


                                                Undying player here, normally can shit even against 3 heroes with decay, once fail coz super strong line up of void, silencer, and clock. Offlaner still very depressing as a suicide lane, once I played with my Legend 1 acquintance, he want to play AM, so I pick undying on offlane so I can tie all the supp on me, succeed, but ended up dying 1/3, their lineup is void silencer clock this lets AM successfully free farm. Guess what? This legend 1 actually called me NOOB, fucking legend, offlane concept are still not on their mind

                                                pos 3 only last pick

                                                  How about bristleback another tanky heroes


                                                    So many legend trash shit post here:(


                                                      nah boys the best offlaner is sniper

                                                      -BaxMoj 2018

                                                      ps u gotta build armlet tho


                                                        @Betray Urself yeah u better S*FU instead of making fun of medals fu*king dog acc buyer.


                                                          I personally hate bristleback as offlane because of the lack of stun
                                                          Centaur is pretty good tho


                                                            Uuu legend trash mad:(


                                                              @Betray Urself how old are you? 13 i bet u are under 12 tho , just a shitty toxic kid. who boosted your account ? fucking piece of shit.

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                                                                Can ya post roamers also?

                                                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                  I've been noticing this problem in the offlane recently quite a bit. A properly positioned trilane (which is somewhat encouraged by the decreased frequency of bounties) can end up with higher levels than the offlaner despite the distribution of experience. Of course there are ways to combat it, but the mere fact that it can happen even with no kills in lane is proof of how difficult the lane is proving to be currently. Dual lanes is not necessarily a good answer to the problem either, as you sacrifice your own possible trilane and may still end up with fewer levels across the board.

                                                                  All that being said, I love that it makes you think even harder about how you are going to draft.

                                                                  (MUTED) Once-in-a-thousan...

                                                                    Forgot to mention underlord, omniknight and pangolier. They should be in the list



                                                                      fps 30

                                                                        i play clockwerk offlane and it's very good


                                                                          I really think Underlord deserves a mention. The hero has seen some recent drops due to the rise in prominence of Slark, a carry he naturally doesnt lane too well against but he is nonetheless an insanely strong hero that can build a few different ways to help the team and they are ALL good for him.


                                                                            Windranger is somewhat non terrible vs trilanes, and very strong in both 1on1 and 2on2 situations.

                                                                            Reasoning is this:

                                                                            -Powershot allows to somewhat safely interrupt pulls
                                                                            -reasonable evasive
                                                                            -Can have some success at ganking mid at all levels if the offlane is going really shitty
                                                                            -Can jungle with mediocre efficiency.

                                                                            2on2: Well, good base damage, nice harass, excellent dive potential. Same goes for 1on1.

                                                                            Important: She is not that great, compared to traditional offlaners, in a 1on2. She can run other a weak lane like AM + Cm, but thats well, a really weak lane. There are also popular support picks (Sky, Bane) who mess with her massively. She is reasonably good vs some other popular support picks (WD, Jakiro) though.

                                                                            БОРИС СПАССКИЙ

                                                                              who cares about offlaners, when 1on2 situation can't be handled by solo beast/doom/etc against bane/disruptor
                                                                              2-1-2 no other choices in this meta, new bountys destroyed pos4 in dota =(


                                                                                Impossible to win games without strength heroes. Tank is now a permanent role someone must take.

                                                                                ⛧pSYCHO⛧Dad⛧ aka hÄMMA

                                                                                  typical russtard gaming... always pick 4 carrys, even they pick a utility hero the items build says "im the 4th carry and a braindead gaygamer" xD


                                                                                    WHY KOTL IS NOT HERE ? :O

                                                                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                                      Don't forget how weak she is to magic dmg, especially in the early game. Since you are trying your best to not buy int items generally, it can continue to be a problem throughout the game, and you really don't want to be forced to buy a bkb. Once you hit that maelstrom, though, you have such a huge power spike. In the offlane, it might take just a bit too long to get there.

                                                                                      It's almost enough to push her to position 1. Almost.


                                                                                        You Idiots!

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                                                                                          Brewmaster can be a reliable offlaner tho


                                                                                            Dark seer sends his regards


                                                                                              Тудудудуддуду =)))

                                                                                              𒀭𒅆𒊒𒍪𒍪 (Pazuzu)

                                                                                                Pitlord, bristleback, clockwerk.
                                                                                                It’s a strong offlaners.
                                                                                                And I even seen a windrunner at hardlane. Last game I played it was me on Axe and Windrunner at hardlane. Not so bad. Her powershot can finish enemy support after he got my aggro and few helixes.

                                                                                                Offlane is a very interesting choice


                                                                                                  Just pick Treant and sit there :D