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    Let's hope Pango doesn't stay in the meta. He's annoying.


      Willow is the type of supp that litteraly can shit on enemy carry with his bedlam.Ooh and also don't forget about his 600dmg long rage nuke at level 20.


        Willows Ult can deal 2k+ damage with Veil, fucking ridiculous


          it does even without veil

          Tu tayta

            I truly hope her winrate won't get any higher, I like playing her.

            ♏ikeeCS ツ

              she's slippery like puck and sand king

              Black Panda

                Perfect Hero ^ Real talk

                DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                  She's got the lockdown of shadow shaman, the damage of skywrath, and the ult potential of disruptor. She does what other offensive supports do, just all-in-one. I sense the nerfs she's procured are merely the beginning. Shadow Realm for sure is going to see some work, most likely in duration.

                  In other news,

                  Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 34.11% win rate. This is unacceptable. It is our duty as fellow gamers of the DotA 2 community to put this item in the position of power it deserves. It has been there for us when we needed mana for reincarnation, when we had that clutch nyx stun saving our teammate's life, and when we accidentally used it in fountain before the runes even spawned. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

                  Bobby Corwen

                    If anything changes about dark willow's presence in the pro's, is that people will figure out how to deal with her rather than pros figuring out how to play her. Almost 100% of her damage is magical, making her completely useless against a bkb'd carry. She also gets shutdown by heroes with aoe spells that can keep her locked down even in shadow realm. People like puck, lina, earth shaker and spirit. She had a sub 50% winrate at DAC and can safely be considered not over powered.


                      The current top1 hero is Visage (in all skills) according to your own data, why your top3 includes only Zeus, Spectre and WK?

                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                        Honestly, people talk a lot about all the things she can do, but nobody seems to remember the big, pulsing asterisks attached to each of those things she can do.

                        Her stun is frustrating to utilize, similar to Alch.

                        With her ult, you have to choose between doing damage close range as a pretty squishy hero and opting to disengage with a fairly large and predictable fear.

                        Brambles isn't quite as reliable as other forms of root, but it's still in my opinion her best skill and the largest reason to pick her.

                        Shadow Realm is again similar to Alch, and while that can be useful, it forces tradeoffs yet again.

                        All of this leads to a hero that isn't quite as straightforward as she initially seems, and reduces the opportunities to utilize her damage potential. Sure, she CAN do huge damage, but after the initial mid build faffing about, I haven't seen a lot of people attempt to focus on her damage output or run her in a core position. What makes her fly under the radar sometimes is her ability to disrupt teamfights, making her teammates seem stronger than they are. It's easy to not realize you walked into a root that is preventing you from dishing out damage, while the enemy Sven or Sniper or whatever picks away at your health in a crazy teamfight.

                        I think if she had the instant casts and effects many other supports have, she would be overpowered. The fact that you have to be discerning with your casts more often makes it a lot easier to swallow the damage and lockdown potential she harbors. Props to Eggs for mentioning the cooldowns and cast times for sure.

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                          You just have to play against DW once and see how she uses her W and tps out in your face or use her ult in large tfs without bkb to understand why she is instant pick or banned lately.


                            dark willow will born to be the best support, she have stun area and damage sick than other support hero, i hope valve will nerf this hero

                            Bag stealer

                              Dark Willow XD

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