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    SEA is rising and Navi is out of the international... All my fears are coming true

    Dark Hunter

      Dammit, i'll have to turn my scripts off now ;n; rip 51% winrate


        Mineski is 4th in rankings, VP, Liquid and Secret are ahead of them

        сливаю игры макакам

          К Р А С И В О

          Wild Forest Daddy

            >Expect Pudge in about half of your games for the near future.

            Already, thank you very much (not).

            Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru-

              valve hits cheaters and yesterday i played normal match with all my teammates being bots vs humans.. idk how is that hitting the cheaters.. here is the game..


                Never heard of such scripts, never encountered them either. Only professionals in divine are probably capable of that, where every millisecond counts.


                  @dreadnought325 It happens a lot with invoker players using scripts that auto combines your spells ect.


                    Instead of scripting anything, get a piece of hardware, ie a keyboard that has macros for you to try use your heroes more effectively;

                    ►Let me win this game◄

                      Лучшая Аркана в Доте на лучшего героя.Пиджик уан лав)


                        I so hope a tons of people will permanently get banned, well deserved.
                        @dreadnought325 you make no sense whatsoever, it matters even more for low skill players, as instead of being unable to even target a hero in seconds, they will instantly hex, more efficiently and quickly than even the quickest pros.


                          Can toxic players in SEA be banned too.


                            lol SEA banned better play with SEA pros before judging them