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Ayaneru   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There’s no need to say “AM free farm, gg.”

    Just like my last omniknight game. Where we as a tri lane offlane, made luna's early a disaster (0-4) but our TB crying in the bottom coz no supports lol.


      Offlane is probably the most misunderstood role.

      Yorak Hunt

        I cant work out what hero that is in main pic haha.


          Solo offlane? We don't have this in 2k.


            u give source for every pic but not for this one? cmon eggs

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              also no its not okay to level one, 0/3/0 lv4 offlaner >> 0/0/0 lv1 offlaner


                I cant work out what hero that is in main pic haha.

                Its Enchantress. Very pretty I must say, so much so that it doesn't look like the plain and standard hero model. Curious to know wherefrom this is in the workshop and whether its associated with a released set.


                  Google's search by image resulted in this source: . Would be cool if this artist covered more dota heroes


                    I normally play as a support. The way I decide whether to help our offlaner or to let him solo kinda depends on the draft.

                    Put it this way:
                    if making sure our carry fat > their carry fat, then normally i would go agro trilane and let my offlaner solo.
                    if making sure their carry cant farm > our carry cant farm, then I would normally help my offlaner while harrassing their carry.

                    For example, if my carry is someone like AM, i normally don't care too much about our offlaner. But if my carry is someone like Shadow Demon (btw, it is very common in 2k-3k bracket. Everyone plays carry with whatever hero they got), then I would go offlane and harrass the opponent's carry.


                      Really dont agree with not dying being your priority as an offlaner. If anything i would say its okay for offlaners to die for experiance and lane equilibrium since early kills dont really give that much anyway. If im 0-2-0 and level 5 and enemy offlaner is 0-0-0 and level 3 im doing better imo.

                      Sure you fed some gold but being higher level makes it easier to put pressure in your lane and getting level 6 on most heroes can do alot for your team, even with a few deaths. Meanwhile enemy offlane is camping his tower and having no impact.


                        “AM free farm, gg.” lol.

                        Thanks for the article; I am an offlane player :)

                        Born to eat ass (Vegan)

                          just pick solo ET offlane and fuck those supports up

                          Accept fate, don't flame

                            Just play Timbersaw.


                              It looks like you will play solo vs trilane? Pick lc, max q and see how supports die after 3 odds

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                                @eksdee I've even done that against a duolane, so fun

                                WEXIT - 'Free the Prairies.'

                                  I almost never see a Trilane nowadays. For me, when I'm going Offlane Bristleback, either its your average safelane lineup, or I'm soloing against 4 enemies.

                                  The Masochist

                                    I like the offlane because im a masochist lol XD


                                      I've been wrecking as roaming chen :D

                                      Yami Yugi

                                        I would Enfeeble the heck outta their safelane carry's damage lol


                                          Yep, can't agree with the first statement - it's always better to take the risk and snatch some exp and a couple of lasthits than simply stay under the tower being lvl1 for the next 5 minutes.

                                          Dying before the 10 minute mark hardly matters, especially if you force enemy carry to lose some lasthits.

                                          It's not okay to be 0-10-0 either - there should be balance between going for the risky plays and staying safe when it's better.

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                                            tfw you lose offlane 3v1 and your safelane loses 1v3 as well

                                            Aegon Targaryen

                                              Lmfao i love the offlane! Check my offlane huskar statistics


                                                I don’t know what lalaland servers you play in, no one plays shadow demon carries in 3k in my experience


                                                  Offlaners have it the hardest right now, show'em some love and respek.

                                                  tobi |

                                                    ясно, всё ясно


                                                      Omg so stupid... Why go solo offlane where you will be level 1 for eternity without farm and let their carry freefarm if you can go with STRONG DUO and DOMINATE.

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                                                        ^ said every archon player lmao

                                                        It's okay if u can duo offlane and dominate enemy's duo / tri safelane (which is super rare if you play with same bracket player), the problem with archon player is they doesn't understand or care if other lane is win or lost.

                                                        You would simply keep going duo offlane and dominate even though your mid / carry safelane is lost.


                                                          I imagine my self holding his two horn and giving me a bl*w j*b that Enchantress ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                          Yami Yugi

                                                            "I imagine my self holding HIS two horn and giving me a bl*w j*b that Enchantress" wait.... what?


                                                              I am to imagine of the make sex on her HAha

                                                              goddess of venge

                                                                wew enchantress really hot


                                                                  This helps as im just wee scrub offlaner in 4k bracket


                                                                    thank god everytime i play offlane with my team are able to dominate another lane

                                                                    Haise Sasaki

                                                                      in lower mmr there is no such thing like solo offlane ...there are most likely 4 cores and 1 supp/offlane hero ....cores will fight for safelane and mid heroes for mid lane....ganks will be total disaster...teamfights even worse respect for any role....ND M STUCK HERE FOREVER

                                                                      Garbage Kholodets

                                                                        Being a offlaner is pretty relaxing for me, even if is a misunderstood world for pretty much the rest of my teammates. Its calm, you are normally doing "your things" and gettin what your "play mechanics" can offer. Anyway, i would love if every1 on 3k breckets could understand what is a normal offlane situation and that kind of things, because normally its pretty much "free farm hc, u picked offlane for this? lol". Honestly, its annoying and break my lovely person on parts when it happens.