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    sekret pog


      What is "community figure" supposed to even mean? Does actually only literally Tweeting every announcement Valve makes about Dota make you a "community figure"? And who even spells Vikram as "Wykrhm"? He's clearly an Indian, South Indian to be precise (can't be creative with the spelling of "Reddy" can you?). It's like you can literally do any brainless shit these days and become famous through social media. Become an Instagramer, a titty Twitch streamer or a "How to get a girl" tips guide YouTuber. What a society we live in.


        i see your point, but I think Wykrhm is a bit above the rest. He's not a community figure because of his beautiful graphics or what have you, but rather because he's been in the scene for years and these days makes about as many official announcements as we can get from Valve. The cancellation of these Minors & the one Major wasn't announced anywhere else from Valve


          Happy for Puppey and Congrats to Secret. Dota is always better when they are near the top! Looking like this year is heading down an awesome path so far.


            did you really just got triggered and jealous because someone is famous for tweeting and not you? what a society we live in.


              Funny how you think people are jealous just because they criticize something they see. I consider myself a critic and analyse literally everything I see and experience in my life. I am a thinker. I'm don't post hasty comments, unlike you. It's understandable, the insecurity level on comments sections on most online portals is through the roof, and the only way people see by masking it is to try to unveil the other's.


                Okay, fair enough.

                Andy Salad

                  It's ok guys, Anomalina is another salty Indian jealous of fellow successfull Indian, Wyk.


                    Tch tch.


                      As a noob, I always have problem to fully understand what's happening in these clips and sometimes can't even recognize the
                      heroes with their cosmetics on