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sNAKE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Watch your tone Autumn

      Is there anyway to see which the number of total game mode games played after the patch, so we can see if turbo mode is attracting more people into pubs, that would be an interesting thing to look at.

      Expansion Pak

        DotaPit has continued its league play and Team Secret is the first European team to qualify for the LAN finals, following Newbee and Infamous.

        Shouldn't that be DreamLeague?


          I don't get this tiny wr increase BEFORE patch is out. Is it just missing dates or patch really came after it?


            4th hehe


              god buffing anti-fun in the first place was the worst thing icefrog could've ever done to this game

              The Artifact open beta just went live and our sister site Artibuff has been updated with card statistics to help you make the right choices in the draft.