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    how can I know, I'm just 2k

    Mr Perspective

      miss the days where u can damage enemies during winter's curse


        just great !!


          supports should be situational that's why some are better in pubs than pro scene


            Supports should be situational, but it would be nice if ww could be played as a core, so you could have something like a venge and have a more flexible hero in drafting.


              I actually happen to, at times, transition to a core Winter Wyvern when the situation calls for it. Even while simultaneously doing all the warding and support stuff. (I remember this one match of mine where I'm the one who's defending against split-pushes from a globally-present Meepo, and happened to succeed and win the game)

              She's really more reliant on positioning than defensive items, in my opinion. The more properly positioned you are in casting your spells at the right moment, the more you can benefit from teamfights.

              menang atuh anjing

                idk in sea server i got bully on 2k bracket. because i used winter wyvern


                  WW is indeed destroyer of physical dmg lineup. Since her base movement speed is only 285 with mobility items WW is ultimate defensive support


                    "Playing like a 5k+ (Not Playing Like a 1k)"
                    1k players throw all spells when ww ult is on...then they are like "why no damage"?

                    Shadow Moses

                      When i ult with ww and get 4 heroes attacking his teammate it's great.. but suddenly Earth Shaker in my team used echo while my ss still going on.. 3 times happened and i report him...



                        Brünk Hüll

                          @Demon Bat

                          This is the exact thing that makes the hero good in 5k games and terrible in 1k games: contextual awareness. Stuff gets wasted when people run on autopilot.


                            Good against a drow strat.

                            hima-*the good old days

                              @*уенный герой)


                                @Superman waow xD


                                  One of my best heroes.


                                    well well well wv


                                      They need to nerf the duration on this thing...its way too much trouble


                                        enchantress unplayable in pubs?

                                        Ferd Blu

                                          just fly around and destroy all the trees with scepter in low prio... fml


                                            she needs no nerf.. she is like a counter pick hero.. in her terrain she looks op but out of it she is dead weith on the team

                                            Great Value Ame

                                              she's basically a counter pick to every single hero..

                                              Small Retarded Fish

                                                I play magnus at 1k and this WW always Embrace me when I'm in the middle of enemy team =,="


                                                  Good to know