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Admiral Snackbar

    I think Arc warden is super viable now because of that turn speed change. Probably needs some nerfs next patch... ;)

    >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

      YES! YES! YES! I was so tired of seeing QoP's!

      Honestly, it's just the fucking blink and being forced to stack disables to shut her down, same with AM. That ability is just obnoxious!

      I mean, I know how to deal with the two, but it seems the mates I am handed are clueless in that regard.


        EG took a dose of the 6 million slam, except it was for 30 thousand instead. Lmao.
        I like how the most minor of buffs suddenly convinced my pubs that Alch is viable. He needs a lot of teamwork now, to be effective. The 4 base gold at all levels hits him so hard, he needs to hit multiple stacks at once to keep the multiplier going. Which means he needs his team to stack for him. So no, he's not just yet good enough for uncoordinated pubs. STOP PICKING HIM, OR be damn sure you can play him well.


          goodbye Team Faceless .

          There have been so many great moments .

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              Hmm too bad for iceiceice. I liked Faceless, especially when they lost to other region teams but beat all other SEA teams

              RVM Ent.Hoaviet

                RIP Faceless, it was a good year, sad to see them disband though :(