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    Shadow Shaman is very fun to play, because he has a lot of targettable spells and requires understanding the whole picture of the team fights.


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    Ghastly Wail


      Ghastly Wail


        Ghastly Wail


          Mom ... look, i did it.


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                самый недоооцененный пушер


                  SS is especially good paired with Jugg spin early on.


                    SS + Ursa = GG

                    Eat Soup With A Fork


                      Brünk Hüll

                        I think the biggest problem lies with his ultimate. Kawaii rightly states that using wards is a stressful thing because using them too early in the fight means they aren't used against a tower, but not having the damage during the fight is risky. Turning the wards into summons might fix the problem, because right now they are just a worse version of warlock ult. Some balancing would be necessary, but it would mean you could have a little more flexibility in your use of snakes.


                          12th! Alright :D




                              Nobody will ever be 14th. YAY

                              Eternal Sunshine

                                15th, not bad at all.


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                                      Hon pros knew how to play him back in the day. Getting kills by trapping people in their wards without using any other spells.

                                      The Robot Devil

                                        The thing with pubs is can you get the team to fight around the goddamn back to not picking supports.


                                          I tried rasta core the other day because +18 dmg too stronk haha
                                          We lost


                                            He's really good with Ursa because a shackle in late basically guarantees a kill and SS mitigates Ursa's poor pushing.

                                            6epe3a pyccka9I

                                              How SF can be a pusher? ROFL. His passive is not decrease armor of buildings.
                                              And Shaman is really good on mid.

                                              Grand Sparrow

                                                SF usually builds deso, and can clear quick with spells.

                                                Clare Punishment Divine

                                                  SF usually builds deso ?!?!? wtf

                                                  I stand alone

                                                    The pro teams usually engage andpl pull out then shackels are channeled, and his serpents stay in place.
                                                    So he is cumbersome and not very good at maneuvers

                                                    Erase Humanity

                                                      I think SS fits to fast dota strat and 7.04 is more of a very slow dota environment with more emphasis on team fight and strong laning and less passive farming compared to 6.88. So I think SS do not fit the current meta.

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                                                      relax, u're doing fine

                                                        i feel hes good against antimage. he has 2 long disables and peaks exactly in the time where antimage wants to farm & avoid fights.


                                                          Not until Anti-Mage buy aganim to have fun against Shadow Shaman lul


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                                                                  21th still scrolling down?

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                                                                    Мой любимый герой в МЕТЕ, УРА!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    Brünk Hüll

                                                                      @ Fight Machine

                                                                      We haven't seen much of 7.04 though. And I would definitely call SS a strong laner. The heroes Kawaii mentioned in the article are all strong pickoff heroes, which I think is the best way to play SS. In a meta that loves teamfight, a pickoff duo like blinking ursa and ss can be the perfect thing to disrupt a cohesive teamfight opportunity. So grab teamfighters for the rest of the team?

                                                                      relax, u're doing fine

                                                                        Not until Anti-Mage buy aganim to have fun against Shadow Shaman lul

                                                                        yes sure, but this shouldnt happen when u play a proper push strat with SS.

                                                                        Brünk Hüll

                                                                          Weighing in on the AM aghs thing:

                                                                          AM having aghs is certainly nice and will help disrupt but there are always good ways to deal with the problem. If your SS has force staff he can cast it on AM which would have the exact same effect as if he force staffed himself. In teamfights you can q the AM or let someone else tank a spell on him.

                                                                          The bigger problem is the fact that by the time AM gets the aghs he probably already has a couple other items and is hitting his window, which comes far after SS window has closed.


                                                                            just buy arcane + soul ring + refresher on SS , and get lv 18 asap with ur EXP talent , n consume all tome knowledge

                                                                            just push tow 3 with ulti + arcane + soul ring -> then refresher -> arcane + soul ring + ulti , its guarantee tow 3 n barrack down with low budget , even ur teammates lose in team fight

                                                                            LOL , pro player , try it , from FarizTampan indonesian player , super duper handsome doto player , lol

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                                                                              ShadowShaman with aghs and refresher can solo backdoor tower 3 including barracks

                                                                              Brünk Hüll

                                                                                Aghs refresher requires so much farm though, that's on top of an absolutely necessary blink arcane. If you are successfully fighting towers with those items you likely have a late game team which means your carry has all the push your team needs which means your ulti is probably overkill as is. SS is too squishy to split push on his own so you're talking a rare naga situation probably.


                                                                                  the point is you go put them up in a lane than walk away and bye bye buildings (hence you can push a different lane to distract them or go rosh), the wards either create space or use space created

                                                                                  me and 4 monkeys

                                                                                    Gonna try this later

                                                                                    {JL} Soimai Rice



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