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white boy summer

    rubick was a blast at starladder, he always was awesome and these talents helped him a lot


      woopdie doop


        hi boyz




            wow 5th!


              I didn't know Io was doing well at prom... I didn't know DotA 2 had proms.


                6th! nice post btw i agreed


                  7th? Really liked the piece don't play support often but I love to play ogre when I do.

                  Erase Humanity

                    I prefer core heroes, but I play supports if needed. I love warlock, lich and aura spirit breaker. Lich is really underrated. I like the scalling of Enigma and elder Titan, but Enigma is really hard to execute.


                      supp patch confirmd


                        Cm's pretty broken this patch. The root when staying longer than 2 sec.s on her ult. Dayum... Rip heroes w/o bkb.

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                          ^yeah I too think CM is pretty strong right now, but didn't feel comfortable mentioning her just yet. Venge is also pretty good with HotD


                            I have been spamming Vissage with medallion and atos and I'm almost out of 2k! I support and do most damage with an average net worth. GG


                              I was expecting at least a passing mention for Pudge, considering how often he is getting picked now in both high tier pubs and pro games.

                              Also, you don't give Tims Earth Spirit. (from the Starladder statistics)


                                weaver best support ever


                                  Rubick's Awesome

                                  Tito ko si ??

                                    Thanks !

                                    The Ancient One

                                      @Skim, how is Venge pretty good with HotD? :0


                                        THIRST! :)


                                          disrupture hello ?!

                                          forced initiation

                                            I disagree with kotl. He is not a top pick. Its just GH who popularized him and plays a completly sick kotl otherwise the hero is ok at best

                                            I stand alone

                                              Kotl is the best sup
                                              1 mana burn
                                              2 aoe knockback+ missrate
                                              3 tp a hero to help fight or save him
                                              4 spell cooldown reduction
                                              5 aoe damage + sick flyin cision




                                                  This thread is not applicable to sea servers. No supports exists in Sea servers 1st 4 picks are Mid Carry offlane and jungler carry. You can see my previous games and can tell always solo sup in sea life.


                                                    If you want to increase your MMR, NEVER play supports!

                                                    Anti Social Anime Club

                                                      Rubick is useless piece of shit

                                                      Brünk Hüll

                                                        @Se vende items/cuenta.Qui...

                                                        Few heroes are bad with helm, but it's a matter of stacking auras here. You can always get helm on another hero, but the skillset that Venge has can allow her to be decently item independent and helm is cheap. Venge and Drow together with a helm makes for a very scary lineup early game.


                                                          Helm costs too much specially for supports with 0 farm no gpm talents.


                                                            CM is really good atm

                                                            Brünk Hüll


                                                              Venge core is a thing, but I still think she can pull it off as support. It's 1800 gold, if ktol can get force staff and aghs in a game I think venge can handle this.


                                                                Котел лучший саппорт когда на 2 или 3 лвл у него хп меньше чем у крипа мечника и он на линий вообще ничем керри не помогает


                                                                  How about you guys stop beating around the bush and address the ranked matchmaking long queues. Thank you.

                                                                  AntiSocial Keyboard Warrior

                                                                    i not agree with this post. coz if u play in the best server in the earth (SEA), u just have blame, flame, and disrespecting coz u are supp. 4 late game carry and solo supp does make u can play as good supp and improve your skill. u just have heavy breathing if u know team pick PA, sniper, riki, and PL at the team. and if it happen, u just call GG



                                                                      Definitely should've mentioned Pudge. Best pub support probably

                                                                      @se vende:

                                                                      Venge with HotD is pretty good. It's just generally a good support item, it makes her a lot tankier though and more difficult to kill. She also has pretty good damage output with it. Of course it's also a good core item, but I like it on supports a lot as well.


                                                                        i picked rubick for last pick


                                                                          @986 I have to disagree with you on that one. I'm a hard support player and I started with an MMR of around 2.1k. Now I'm at 3.4k, and I made my way up mostly playing roles of Positions 4 and 5.


                                                                            I'm glad rubick is into a good spot atm.


                                                                              @brock 1800 is hard to get in 4k tiers specially if you are solo sup and have invis enemy at 0 farm. You always have to prioritize ward and sent. Supports at higher tier are not allowed to hit creep or expect 4 reports asap. Specially on sea server. and kotl is a sup who stays at back unlike venge. So venge has to prioritize other items than HOTD at limited gold source unless you got successful last hit hero kill.

                                                                              James Gandolfoenix

                                                                                @Skim Rubick was buffed but i'd argue only mildly - the Fade Bolt %-based damage refers to the damage lost with each consecutive bounce, rather than the damage reduction of targets hit.


                                                                                  rubick is best but i argue cos the dificulty lvl of the hero is not easy for all tiers.


                                                                                    Патч для саппов? Не смешите,посмотрите мою стату,если не пикаю саппа,то в 90% игр его и не будет...вспомните появление патча,алкоголичную макаку брал каждый и уже все по накатанной...всё же не согласен с данным заключением статьи