Group Stage StatisticsBy KawaiiSocks |
Group Stage Statistics

The group stages of TI5 are over and despite somewhat stale meta we feel it was a blast. This group stage had it all: great teamfights, all-in rapiers, punished mistakes and great comebacks. It would be really hard to point to the best game in the tournament so far - a lot of them had us sitting on the edge of our chairs, rooting for the favourite team or simply enjoying the best Dota there is.

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TrueSight interactive death and vision mapsBy Jason
TrueSight interactive death and vision maps

Today we’re releasing a small but useful update to our match pages, just as the action heats up at The International. TrueSight match pages (which are available for all Esports matches!) now feature interactive death and vision maps! TrueSight maps allow you to see an overview of all the action, then seek to a specific time during the match to see what was happening that second.

TI5 Preview: Top Asian TeamsBy KawaiiSocks |

Most western players, myself included, have hard time keeping track of all the personalities in the Asian teams, especially given how transfer-heavy this year was. Despite that, the Asian contenders have consistently done well in the internationals and it would be a shame to go into the event without at least basic knowledge about the players.

Today we will have a look at the top teams from the region: LGD, VC and IG.

Dotabuff Reborn!By Lawliepop

Today we’re very excited to drop the curtain and reveal a few big changes to Dotabuff! If you hadn’t yet noticed, now has a new, more modern design that better matches the visual identity in Dota 2 Reborn.

Additionally, Dotabuff is now entirely responsive. This means that it is mobile friendly, and works well on a variety of screen sizes. So yes, even those with a Windows Phone can have a nice experience on Dotabuff now (I hope - we never tested it). You can check out your last matches, and even compare all of the detailed Truesight statistics on any device. Elements have been organized to fit whatever screen you’re using, be it your desktop PC between matches, your phone at work the next day, or your tablet while watching a Dota match on your TV. Most importantly, shitposting on the forums from your phone has never been easier.

TI5 Preview: EHOME, Complexity Gaming, MVP.Hot6ixBy eggs

It seemed so recently that the full list of teams attending TI5 were announced and we were all anxiously waiting for the event to begin. Now with the wildcard event only a few days away, we can already vote on our favorites and the winner for the play in series. Let’s get started on some information on the teams who fought to qualify for TI5: EHOME, Complexity Gaming and MVP.HOT6IX.

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