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I hate forced winrate in General Discussion

    All is fine I win 2 games then the third game comes and some **** who got hard support role picks OD


      same. And since going in losing strik i become toxic -_-


        There is a feeling after 2-3 wins you get auto toxic griefer in the team but I think this is just normal in this game, u get these people even if you loose games 😂

        HexyRose :X

          @bambooni u had good wr with nature prophet. u stopped playin him cause he was out of meta? (judging by your last games)

          pinoy supp0rt

            Yes, this is a known issue. Valve programs bots to grief and throw games for people on win streak


              im bad with prophet. Half of the winrate is on low priority and jungler probably. And this hero if im not good on laning stage ill feed like any other hero. I might test it as u mentioned

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                Imagine just playing 2 games per day...


                  those 2 games feel like 20 games though