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how to win?
    @RN watch my dotabuff bro, I am support player too but suddenly my vhs performance got hs and i don't know know why.

    Is it because I am having losing streak?

    Predict my mmr guys xd


      predict me


        @Jammmy could be. But it is still not clear how I am not even able to play in HS match despite good win percentage :(
        Support players cant have high GPM/XPM.

        Could anyone throw some light on this as to how support players can calibrate better without playing core roles?

        Thank you so much in advance.

        Quoting my previous comment -


        >> Guys could you please predict my MMR after calibration?

        >> I am a support player and hence can't play core or offlane. Not sure how MMR is going to be calculated. I have good win percentage, currently at 74%

        >> I am not sure if Valve only looks for GPM and XPM. And if I am a pos 5 player, how am I expected to have good GPM and XPM?

        >> I still don't see myself in HighSkill or VeryHighSkill in any of the 50 matches unfortunately.

        >> Can some one throw some light as to what I am missing here. And how I can improve and go into HighSkill and VeryHighSkill bracket before the actual 10 Ranked match calibration.

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