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[EU] Are you friendly? - Great! in General Discussion

    I know this is Dotabuff forums...
    But since you are reading this you are most likely also searching for friendly people to play with! :D Well, welcome to our crew! :P

    We are currently about 15 people, we normally do inhouse captainsmode lobbys, play pubs, watch pro games etc and just hang out together. So, we are here to have fun! Our skill range is from Archon to Divine, so as long as you are not a beginner, you should give it a try ;) Though we do talk on TeamSpeak, so you should have a mic and English should not be a problem!

    Just add me up!

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      Our skill range is from Legend to Divine, so as long as you are not a beginner



        but ur an archon ?


          @Asylum: yea, And I am defenetly the lowest in the group haha.
          But I was Legend most of the time. I dropped down to Archon for no reason without playing 🤔


            im not


              bro dont try and lie and so you dropped to archon without playing, dota 2 does not have rank decay lol