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General DiscussionIs playing your role correctly actually good ?

Is playing your role correctly actually good ? in General Discussion

    I played match as hard support now and while my lane was ok, offlane lost because opponents hard support played ogre magi instead and they overpowered them.

    In new update said it was to encourage people in lower ranks to play support yet I wonder if its actually worth it.


      if u think ure playing ur role correctly while having sub 50% winrate u are dellusional


        Problem is how people usually stop playing when they play pos 4-5 in low tier

        They afk pretty much and avoid farming etc.


          @inx4c hard supports dont have much influence on game, and in lower ranks where carries arent so efficient in their farming its is better to just play core.
          i could play core with support hero yet then it wouldnt be hard support.


            @MuLLiPullervO well when i try to last hit creeps other players get mad at me. meanwhile they miss most of their last hits

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              Are you just feeding on this account? What's happening here. If not just play core


                Actually cores in low brackets are so bad, they dont know what Bkb is. Support is broken in lower bracket. Supports purpose is to spam spells, disables, harass. Carry in lower brackets dont know when to get Bkb/defensive items. Get a support with strong teamfight spells, EZ wins.


                  yea it make me an ancient now

                  former crusadar hahahaha


                    No one has much influence on a game at low ranks, everyone sucks so it's just a matter of waiting until the economies rise and someone has enough stats to click on people harder than the other team.

                    The irony in the "support is weak at low ranks" players' mindset is that it creates a scenario where it's inherently untrue. Noobs suck at MOBA: they find out the only way they can contribute to a game is if they have high stats from gold and can click on people for high damage, so now they're all playing core.

                    You have a ton of unskilled players playing heroes who need to time come online- guess what role naturally counters such heroes? Supports, as they have the CC to control them and the early game power to dictate the pace of the game to shut down the enemy cores/end it before they can come online.

                    MVP smurf


                      UR A CXNT

                      DO NOTHING $UPPORTS

                        play venge carry/mid until you're 3k OK?

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