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    Why do I never see WK players build armlet anymore? I remember back before he was a skeleton boi, everyone used to go armlet on him as a core item. Nowadays I see it very rarely. Is armlet worse now or are other items just better?

    fever dreams

      its as good as before but radi build just better...
      radi and armlet are both supposed to be built first because both of them are so strong early... thats why u dont build both of them usually

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        I go Armlet into Radiance... Armlet makes you really tough to kill and it gives a lot of damage and Radiance adds AOE damage to the whole thing to make it even harder. I find WK has a good skill set for these kinds of defensive items. It is a little slow, but you are really gank resistant with Armlet and ulti. Radiance also adds the miss chance on top of all the damage...

        Dota not fun

          Apparently, early spiking carries aren't meta anymore.
          The purpose of these Midas/Rad build is to rush lvl18 aka lvl3 Reincarnation. That's the spike.

          Princess of Austria-Hungary

            Why build armlet and radi when u can build mjolnir, s&y, bash and walk around smacking everyone


              lvl 20 WK skele talent is the game changer

              16 skeletons just push so hard

              fever dreams

                @///violets\\\ i dont think i have even seen anyone build s&y on WK, sounds like waste of money to me

                fever dreams

                  @metsis if u go first armlet and then radi, ur timing is going to be way too slow and potentially game losing, just build midas if u need attack speed before radi or just rush the radi to get max use of it. Radiance is a midgame item that falls off very quickly as well after enemies have their pipes and bkbs and mkbs and whatnot. I have personally always built radiance to blink to (blade mail to) AC as i think its the most viable option.